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ABD matrix and Effective Properties of Composite Laminates

Mechanics of structure genome (MSG) is a powerful tool that helps to obtain both effective properties and ABD matrix of composite laminates. The example shown here is how to predict the effective properties and ABD matrix of composite laminates starting from microstructural details of the composite.

The stress fields in a microstructure with particle inclusion

MSG provides a versatile microstructural representations based on the heterogeneity of the microstructure. MSG also makes easy for both predictions of effective properties and local fields in any type of microstructures. Please check the link here under to see how easy to use MSG to obtain both the effective properties and the local field recovery of a microstructure with particle inclusions.


Local stresses in composite structure made of woven fabric

MSG helps to obtain the more accurate local fields in any type of microstructure and as effective as 3D RVE analysis and yet more efficient!

Please check these links to see the power of MSG.

Global-local field analysis using MSG

MSG is a powerful tool to analyze the global-local field analysis in any type of composites irrespective of the shape of the constituents. You may check the link here under to see what is happening at microscale due to global loading.

Multiscale constitutive modeling of composite- SwiftComp

AnalySwift provides an efficient high-fidelity composite modeling tool-SwiftComp.  You may check these links to get more on SwiftComp and tutorials.


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