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Elaborating the controversy on the contribution of the surface stress in silicon nanowires

A link between the local surface stress at the atomic scale to the overall behavior of the continuum system indicates a twist deformation at the free end of silicon nano-cantilever. The importance of size and crystal orientation is demonstrated (for more details of the project see:

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Novel silicon nanowire-based 3-dimensional devices and systems

A new approach for monolithic integration of silicon nanowires with 3-dimensional devices (for more details of the project see: Integration of silicon nanowires in three-dimensional devices including integrated circuits (ICs) and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) leads to enhanced functionality and performance in diverse applications.

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Thermo-coupled Surface Cauchy-Born Theory

Obtaining high accuracy with low computation requirements is a challenge in the modeling of the thermomechanical response of nanostructures. Although the field is important to capture size dependency at finite temperatures, it is mostly quasiharmonic and Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulations that lead to reliable results. To formulate an engineering approach to this problem, Thermo-coupled Surface Cauchy-Born method was developed combining Surface Cauchy-Born and Engineering Molecular Mechanics.

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1st International Symposium on Theoretical, Experimental, and Computational Mechanics (TECM)

TECM is a premier interdisciplinary session for the presentation of new advances and research

results in the fields of Theoretical, Experimental, and Computational Mechanics, i.e.

computational fluid mechanics, computational solid mechanics, computational heat transfer,

experimental fluid dynamics, and combining them with real life industrial applications. The

session will bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and scholars in the domain

of interest from around the world.

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