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Regarding implementation of an integration scheme which avoids the need of contact surface segmentation.

Dear All,

As FEA is one of the most popular methods for the treatment of contact problems. In that, the overall contact surface is discretized a number of segments and contact integrals are evaluated in a segment-wise manner. In 2005 Fischer and Wriggers [1] presented an integration method which avoids the need of contact surface segmentations and enables the evaluation of contact integrals directly at the slave nodes of contact bodies. 

"Evaluation of stresses in Isogeometric analysis"


I am trying to find the method of stress evaluation used in Isogeometric analysis. I havn't come to know any numerical process for stress computation along with its implementation in IGA.  Can someone please help me in this regard.

Thanks -Vishal

Control Points of a Random NURBS based-Geometry

Hi all respected members,

I am learning the Isogeometric Analysis technique (which was firstly outlined by Hughes et al.). I am not able to understand the pre-defined control point data of given geometries, therefore I want to know the way in which the information of control points (for the geometries construced by NURBS) can be extracted if we have the geometry. If it is calculated by available software or by any other mean please let me know.



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