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Modification of GUI

I've using ANSYS APDL for my Master's Thesis. I'm working on crack propagation.

To do Crack path in ANSYS the initial GUI need to be modified as in the Images attached.

Anyone know about how to do this, please help me in modifying the GUI.

Awaiting your valuable comments.

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Crack initiation and propagation using ANSYS Software

I'm working on Crack initiation and propagation in Gravity dams using ANSYS Software.

I'm finding out crack path in the software.So far I've done seismic analysis and located the most vulnerable places for crack formation and possible length of crack. I'm not aware of modelling the crack and finding out its path.  So, I'm requesting you to help in establishing the procedure in ANSYS. 

Please give me some guidance.

Fracture Mechanics Parameters Calculation

I'm working on Fracture Mechanics of Gravity dams using ANSYS Software.

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