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Materials: Colourful clay - Nature Materials:

Materials: Colourful clay


Materials: Colourful clay

Nature 454, 140 (2008). doi:10.1038/454140c

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Wikipedia on H-index ---- another excellent article, and also very interesting!

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This article is about the index of scientific research impact. For the economic measure, see Herfindahl index.

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Delft 22 - 24 October


Tom Scarpas     Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Patrick Selvadurai     McGill University, Canada

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Wikipedia on peer review --- an excellent article, an example of wikipedia quality, and interesting anyway!

Peer review
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For Wikipedia's Peer Review area, see Wikipedia:Peer review.

For other uses, see Peer review (disambiguation).

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Science's Editor in Chief and "Friends" Discuss Peer Review and Journal Impact.

Science's Editor in Chief and "Friends" Discuss Peer Review and Journal
(July 4, 2008)

Alberts1, Brooks Hanson2
and Katrina L. Kelner3 collaborated to write this
week's Science editorial on peer review. And if for no other reason
than the weekly has one of the highest impact ratings, when Science
speaks science administrators listen.


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Beyond nanoscales...

My friend Pugno is speculating beyond the nanomaterial strength.


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Viagra and Mechanics --- Watermelon May Have Viagra-effect

I was reading this research from A&M Texas on Viagra and Watermelon. 


I have noticed that it has made the front page news on many newspapers
worldwide in a matter of few days.  Maybe we should move to this field,
and because below I find that there are indeed interaction with aorta stiffness and elastic wave reflections.

So if you are interested in a subject of certain high impact, this is a good idea.


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PlosONE publishes secret of Stradivari violins in wood density

Research Article

Formal Correction: This article has been formally corrected to address the following errors.

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A collection of "this cannot work" statements

I was  reading the rejection of imechanica from NSF

A "Supreme Court" for peer review of papers and proposals

And these sentences came to my mind.....

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The twin of imechanica in biology and bio-engineering is from MIT !!

OpenWetWare is an
effort to promote the sharing of information, know-how, and wisdom
among researchers and groups who are working in biology &
biological engineering. Learn more about us.
If you would like edit access, would be interested in helping out, or want your lab website hosted on OpenWetWare, please join us.



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Science 2.0: Great New Tool, or Great Risk?

Welcome to a Scientific American experiment in "networked
journalism," in which readers—you—get to collaborate with the author to
give a story its final form.



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Engineering Happiness

dear imechanica friends

   the Grand challenges  for Engineering make clear that we should work for the good of our Society.  So, how much of technology really makes are happier?

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How Many Friends Is Too Many? 5000? Then imechanica is too many!



How Many Friends Is Too Many?

One MySpace exec has even surprised himself by friending a potato. This particular russet has 2,965 friends.

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Europe’s research system must change: Nature Vol 452|24 April 2008

Dear Imechanica friend

 a recent Nature Commentary has generated a lot of interest, particularly in Europe. Maybe it is of interest, also in response to Grand Challenges for Engineering?

I suggest some lines: 

Europe’s research system must change, Luke Georghiou argues.  He suggests 
Europe should start the process of reformow. The Commission has a responsibility to
take the lead and planning of the Eighth Framework Programme, due to start in 2013, is already under way. The grand challenges will not wait until then and member states, businesses and the scientific community must each play their part. The first challenge is one of leadership.

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ENERGY IN THE AGE OF CLIMATE CHANGE - Italy Joins European Nuclear Power Revival

Speaking of Grand Challenges, why we never talk of Energy in Imechanica? There are certainly mechanical implications. And Energy is top of the list at the www.engineeringchallenges.org project.


Italy Joins European Nuclear Power Revival


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“Leading Opinion: Peer review as professional responsibility: A quality control system only as good as the participants.

Regarding my recent post  A paper rejected by Int. J. Fatigue --- Persistent Nepotism in Peer Reviews?  See this interesting paper.  Later, I will show as a negative example case the review I had on Int J Fat, not so much because I am any upset about it, but for the sake of improving this process.  I think my case is probably not exceptional, who knows how many receive reviews like this and they give up?  Reviewers should not permitted to make such strong statements (including misunderstanding my paper) without a single reference. If I write a paper with figures, maths, references, a reviewers cannot kill it, abusing their position.

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