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Bistable Auxetic Mechanical Metamaterials


A. Rafsanjani and D. Pasini, Bistable Auxetic Mechanical Metamaterials Inspired by Ancient Geometric MotifsExtreme Mechanics Letters 9, 291-296 (2016).

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Expansion behavior of cellular solids

The expansion behavior of cellular materials is especially attractive for potential applications such as design and development of bio-inspired adaptive materials since most of biological materials have a cellular microstructure at least at one of their hierarchical levels. Wood, bone, bamboo, ice plant and honeybee combs are examples of such natural materials.


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Writing User Subroutines with ABAQUS

Dear All,

 I think that many students are looking for some tutorials about writing a UMAT in ABAQUS.

You can find a comprehensive tutorial for elastic problems.

This file contains: 

• Motivation

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How to Model Moving Mass in ANSYS

I want to model moving mass on a simply supported beam in ANSYS but I can not reach to analytical results, I tried defining CPs and some other methods. I want to find a linear solution and I prefer do not enter in Nonlinear analysis.

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