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Joint Postdoc position at Northeastern and Qatar University - Structural Mechanics and Materials

Joint postdoctoral fellow position at Northeastern University and Qatar University is available immediately, focused on development and analysis of novel materials and structures for protection of critical structures and components under extreme loading.

The research will be carried out at High Performance Materials and Structures Laboratory at Northeastern ( and the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Qatar University. The candidate is expected to spend 8-10 months in Qatar and 2-4 months at Northeastern. The salary range for the potential candidate is 50-60k, depending on experience, and includes free housing and very attractive package.

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The indentation of pressurized elastic shells: from polymeric capsules to yeast cells - D.Vella, A.Ajdari, A.Vaziri & A.Boudaoud

Pressurized elastic capsules arise at scales ranging from the 10 m diameter pressure vessels used to store propane at oil refineries to the microscopic polymeric capsules that may be used in drug delivery. Nature also makes extensive use of pressurized elastic capsules: plant cells, bacteria and fungi have stiff walls, which are subject to an internal turgor pressure. Here, we present theoretical, numerical and experimental investigations of the indentation of a linearly elastic shell subject to a constant internal pressure. We show that, unlike unpressurized shells, the relationship between force and displacement demonstrates two linear regimes.

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