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Distributed Coupling in Abaqus

Hi all,

I am trying to replicate an analysis done in Abaqus by using LS Dyna. I've an input(inp) file of the abaqus model on which the analysis has been performed.

It involves a distributed coupling load case - where a concentrated load is applied on the "reference node" and as it is coupled with the "coupling nodes" so that the load gets distributed on them. I dont see any mass/inertia assignment to the reference node. In fact it is not located on the geometry/body of the the structure in the model. The reference node has been defined only in the assembly definition. So the coordinates are known.

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Cohesive behaviour for Interaction in Abaqus Explicit at the interface of materials

I am working on effects of Blast Loading in sandwich composites using Abaqus. I want to incorporate Cohesive behaviour at the interface of the two materials in the sandwich composite structure i am analysing.

 When I specify the interaction proporty as a cohesive bahaviour(if i dont intend to use thedefault parameters given by Abaqus), I am supposed to input whether its coupled interaction or uncoupled interaction and inpur the relevant values of Knn, Ktt, Kss etc. As of now, I am not able to find any standard literature values available for these contants on the internet. So I've been using the defaults given by Abaqus.

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Help in abaqus modelling

Hi all,

 I am currently working on my Masters thesis which is the analysis of sandwich structures subjected to blast loading using Abaqus. Can someone suggest some references which would  explain me how to apply blast loading using abaqus. 

There is an example problem of submarine in the abaqus user's manual which includes the blast loading. But they've only given the inp file for that. 


So can someone also tell me how to generate .cae file from .inp file in abaqus.


Best Regards,

Venkat Bharath
5th year Student,(Structural Engg)
Dept. of Civil Engg
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

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