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In vitro fibrillogenesis of tropocollagen type III in collagen type I affects its relative fibrillar topology and mechanics

Tropocollagen types I and III were simultaneously fibrilized in vitro, and the differences between the geometric and mechanical properties of the heterotypic fibrils with different mixing ratios of tropocollagen III to I were investigated. Transmission electron microscopy was used to confirm the simultaneous presence of both tropocollagen types within the heterotypic fibrils. The incorporation of collagen III in I caused the fibrils to be thinner with a shorter D-banding than pure collagen I.

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Constitutive Modeling of Soft Materials: Wormlike Micelles

Self-assembly of amphiphilic molecules into various supramolecular nano-structural aggregates has drawn the attention of chemists, physicists, and engineers in recent decades.

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The edge effect in open lipid bilayers


 A model for the free energy of the edge of an open lipid bilayer is derived.

The derivation is based on the interactions of the molecules comprising the edge.

The derived model can be employed to study pore growth in open lipid bilayers.

The model captures bending and torsional energies of the edge, in addition to the line tension.

The molecular origins of spontaneous curvatures and elastic moduli are investigated.

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