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PhD position at INRIA, Grenoble France


Here is a PhD opportunity at INRIA, France Grenoble on 

Title : Non-smooth modeling and simulation of energy dissipation processes during rockfall

Supervision: Vincent Acary and Franck Bourrier

Details and how to apply :



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INRIA post doctoral fellow. Modeling and simulation of cable transport systems

We propose a post-doctoral fellow grant on  modeling and simulation of cable transport systems of 18 months in Grenoble, France at INRIA and STRMTG.

Context :

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Siconos 4.0.0 is out !!

Dear Colleagues,

A brand new Siconos 4.0.0 is out !! Siconos is now distributed under Apache 2.0 license.

What is Siconos ?

Siconos is an open-source scientific software primarily targeted at modeling and simulating nonsmooth dynamical systems in C++ and in Python:

 + Mechanical systems (rigid or solid) with unilateral contact and Coulomb friction and impact (nonsmooth mechanics, contact dynamics, multibody systems dynamics or granular materials).

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A summer school on Nonsmooth Contact and Impact Mechanics. Aussois. September 2012

Dear Colleagues,

A summer school on Nonsmooth Contact and Impact Mechanics is organized from September 10 to 14 at Aussois in the French Alpes. The main focus of the school will be on modeling and numerical/simulation  aspects,  and the following topics will be covered:

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