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looking for fluid-structure interaction course


I am looking for a short (one week) course on fluid-structure interactions. Does anyone can advice me such a course?



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shear center



I wonder if exists an analytical expression for the location of the shear center of L shaped cross section of beam with isotropic materials?




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Warping function for 3D beams

Dear All,

I am modeling 3D beams with arbitrary cross sections and for that purpose I need to calculate the warping function numerically. The warping function ψ(y,z) is defined as a solution of the following Laplace equation with Neumann boundary conditions:

∂2ψ/∂y2 + ∂2ψ/∂z2 = 0 in Ω,
∂ψ/∂n = z*ny - y*nz on Γ,

where Ω is the cross sectional area, and Γ is its contour. This system can be solved by different numerical methods, for example, finite element method, boundary element method, finite differences...
Numerically I obtain that

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