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Fall 2007 ES 240 Final Project "Viscous Deformation of a Fused Quartz Tube" by Sunny Wicks and Stephen Steiner

Attached is a PDF version of the PowerPoint presentation from our final project, titled "Viscous Deformation of a Quartz Tube Caused by Furnace Malfunction:  Analysis and Modeling".

When Quartz Tubes Start to Melt, or, Why the CVD Furnace Was Down for Four Weeks: Problem 29

  This post is a description of the project Sunny Wicks and I will be pursuing for this class, to satisfy the requirements for Problem 29.

Me, Myself, and Solid Mechanics, Or, ES 240 Problem 6 by Stephen Steiner


This is a blog entry about my background as it pertains to solid mechanics, written in effort to achieve maximum credit for Problem 6 on the ES 240 assignment due Friday, October 5, 2007.

Prior Courses in Solid Mechanics

My prior experience in solid mechanics is limited to half a semester of graduate "Mechanics of Materials" which I took as a listener at MIT in Spring 2005.  As such, much of the material covered in this subject is new to me.

Major History

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