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Curved Beams: A Theoretical and FEM Investigation

Curved Beams: A Theoretical and FEM Investigation

by Christian Wylonis and Nathan Thielen

Problem 29: Project

Nathan Thielen and I will be investigating straight beams, bent beams and how the analysis can be applied to hooks. We did not have much time to investigate beams in ES240 this term so we hope to gain a broader understanding of this area and share our findings with the rest of the class. The primary goal is to compare the analysis necessary for straight beams versus the analysis needed for bent beams. We choose the project because we also will have ample opportunity to investigate bent beams and hooks using FEM. If time permits we will investigate how the cross-section of hooks effects its properties.

Mechanics of Materials by F. Beer, E. R. Johnston, and J. T. DeWolf

Mechanics of Materials was used as the textbook in my undergraduate solid mechanics course. It is an introductory book which gives a great overview of the basic concepts needed for solid mechanics . The material is presented in a way that makes it easy to understand with many practical examples. I learn material best when I am shown how theories are applied and this book does that very well. It also dives into detail of some practical applications of fundamental solid mechanics. The book explores axial loading, torsion, pure bending, analysis of beams, shearing stresses in beams, transformations, principal stresses, deflection of beams, columns, and energy methonds.

ES240 Problem 6

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