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ES 240 Final Project

Here is the powerpoint of the final project, presented by Stevie Steiner and myself.

Group project

We'd like to model our tube furnace in ABAQUS, in particular a
spectacular incident involving an unexpected temperature jump that
induced plastic deformation of a fused quartz tube. This will involve a
comparison of hand calculations of simplified models, ABAQUS results
for plastic and viscoelastic deformation, and the actual "experimental"
results. We hope to explore the mechanisms of time- and
temperature-dependent viscoelastic deformation in the tube under loads
on its ends as well as the issues related to representing deformation
and temperature variations in modeling software. With the actual
deformed quartz tube and recorded temperature data versus time, we can
check the accuracy of several complexities of representations, varying

Recommended book to accompany ES 240

I recommend the book 

“The Linearized Theory of Elasticity” by William S.


Here is a review of it from Amazon:


Chapter Outline:

1 Review of Mechanics of Materials

ES 240 personal background

This is my first Solid Mechanics course at this level. I have taken an introductory course during undergrad, however, called “Structural Mechanics”. This class introduced the basics of 3-D elasticity, and covered topics such as torsion theories, symmetric beams, shells, and buckling. I’ve also taken a class called Mechanics of Heterogeneous Materials, where we studied the behavior of composites and studied plate theory.

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