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Kaushik Dayal wins Leonardo Da Vinci Award from ASCE-American Society of Civil Engineers

Join us to congratulate Professor Kaushik Dayal, from CEE-Carnegie Mellon,  for winning the prestigious Leonardo Da Vinci Award from the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Engineering Mechanics Institute
(EMI) for groundbreaking research on the interactions between materials
and electromagnetism that can be applied to new technologies for energy
storage and generation.

Congratulations Kaushik!

More news can be found at:


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ERC Advanced Grant 2013 to Professor Davide Bigoni

Join us to congratulate Professor Davide
Bigoni, who has just been awarded with the ERC Advanced Grant
Proposal 340561 - Instabilities and nonlocal multiscale modelling of
materials, years 2014-2018, 2.4 M.

Congratulations Davide!



More on Davide's research:




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Power-law hereditariness of Hierarchical Fractal Bones

In this paper the authors introduce a hierarchic fractal model
to describe bone hereditariness. Indeed, experimental data of stress
relaxation or creep functions obtained by compressive/tensile tests have

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The stretching elasticity of biomembranes determines their line tension and bending rigidity

In this work some implications of a recent model for the mechanical behavior of biological membranes [20] are exploited by means of a prototypical one-dimensional problem. We show that the knowledge of the membrane stretching elasticity permits to establish a precise connection among surface tension, bending rigidities and line tension during phase transition phenomena. For a specific choice of the stretching energy density, we evaluate these quantities in a membrane with coexistent fluid phases, showing a satisfactory comparison with the available experimental measurements. Finally, we determine the thickness profile inside the boundary layer where the order-disorder transition is observed.

(Note: Revised pdf file)

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