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PhD Position in 'Intelligent design of 2D nanostructures based on molybdenum' project

Two PhD students will be engaged in a research project of National Science Centre (NCN) carried out in the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research PAS, Poland on 'Intelligent design of 2D nanostructures based on molybdenum'.  The materials with a 2D atomic structure (flat, one layer) have drawn attention of researchers for years.

3rd International Conference on Material Modelling incorporating the 13th European Mechanics of Materials Conference

Dear Colleagues,
During the last decades material modelling has become a field of central
scientific importance. Although there exist many workshops, meetings,
colloquia, etc. on specific materials, and particular applications, here a
single conference dedicated to material modelling with all its various
facets is intended. To this end, the aim of the ICMM conference is to bring
together researchers from the various fields of material modelling and
materials characterization. The intention here is to cover essentially all

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