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New Text on Engineering Mechanics (Strength of Materials)


After many years of teaching elementary mechanics and being unhappy with the high price of existing texts and their tendency to lead students into a game of pattern matching as opposed to thinking about fundamentals, I decided to assemble my lectures into a book.  So if you are looking for something different and concise on this topic you may wish to have a look at this book.  The book is also well suited for use as a refresher due to its brevity.

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Finite Element Error Analysis

There are a lot of coures on finite element methods and many that touch upon aspects of finite element error analysis.  One thing, however, that is hard to learn in a consice form are the essential aspects of a priori error analysis.  These involve a decent knowledge of variational properties of BVPs and a good understanding of interpolation theory.  In a very very modest attempt to help some students in my undergraduate FEA course I prepared some notes to introduce them to some of the more mathematical aspects of FEA analysis.  They are strictly one dimensional and linear to help with the understanding.

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Citation Statistics Report by the IMU

Here is a report on Citation Statistics written by the  International Mathematical Union written in cooperation with the ICIAM and IMS.

Given all the discussion on impact factors and h-indicies, I thought many people may find this report interesting.

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