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The stress intensity factor and Young's Modulus

The stress intensity factor and Young's Modulus 

It is evident that stress intensity factor considered as  the most important factor in fracture mechanics which used for evaluating the stress state near to tip crack . However this factor depends up many parameters (such us normal loading, cracks size and its geometry). my question is as follow 

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Contribution to dynamic behaviour of structures

Most of topics here in this web site treat the physical behaviour of materials, I would like to share my knowledge and my ideas concerned the analysis vibration of materials ( forced and free) for understand the mechanical behaviour of structures

I adress this message to  researcher whom interssting on dynamic of  structures 

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Determination of stress intensity factor of FGM materials

It is important to note that the determination of Stress intensity Factors lead to major problem for researchers, some of them have proposed an analytical method based on linear fracture mechanic by using the theorem de Giffth and also Paris, other have proposed numerical method using finite elememt analysis codes such as Ansys or Abaqus, other researcher have used experimental method.
  However, these methods still need an improvement for given accurate results.
How to develop an analytical method and adopted to FGM structure.

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