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Search engine for postdoc or faculty posiotn in USA

What is best way to seach for postdoctoral position or faculty position in USA?

I am aware that in iMechanica some positions are posted but the number of positions is limitted. I would appriciate any advice from people in the US. Thanks!


Interalaminar damage model

Dear iMechanicas,


I need advices from experts regarding choosing a proper interalaminar damage model for the implementation into the theory of plates and shells. I am going to apply a failure criterion which is straight forward but concerning the degradation procedure of material properties I may need some suggestions.


Best regards,


composite fiber angle definition

Dear imechanicas,

When composite plates with cutouts are meshed, the mesh scheme around the hole is somehow not in a mapped shape. This means the edges of (for instance a four-node element) in undeformed shape are not in a rectangular format. Therefore, defining the constitutive equations of orthotropic materials might lead to incorrect results.

Does anybody have opinion/experience about this issue?

Any response is appreciated.



simulation of large rotations by laminated theory?

Hello iMechanica,


I am wondering if it is possible to perform the non-linear analyses (including large rotations) by laminated theories such as First order Shear Deformation Theory (FSDT) or higher orders and so on. Normally, those theories are valid for moderate rotations but: does anybody know if there is any modification to extend it for large rotations?

Thanks in advance for any advice!




Problem with user routine (USERELEM) of Ansys

Dear imechanica friends,


I am using userelem in Ansys. When I model a curved shaped structure like a shell, and mesh it in the context of the element ET300, I get error below:

‘unable to mesh area 3 because of shape problems. It may help to change element size on edges of area’

Transverse shear stresses in Reissner Mindlin theory

How is it possible to obtain the transverse shear stresses correctly, not constant, by Reissner Mindlin theory?

Equilibrium equation would be the first solution, but, once the second derivatives of bilinear shape functions are zero, no results is appeared.


Thanks in advance for any help!

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