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Constitutive modeling of hyperelastic solids reinforced by spheroidal particles under large deformations

This paper presents a homogenization-based constitutive model for the mechanical behavior of particle-reinforced elastomers with random microstructures subjected to finite deformations. The model is based on a recently developed homogenization method (Avazmohammadi and Ponte Castaneda 2013; J. Elasticity 112, 1828–1850) for two-phase, hyperelastic composites, and is able to directly account for the shape, orientation, and concentration of the particles.

Effective behavior of porous elastomers containing aligned spheroidal voids


Overall Mechanical Response of Particle-Reinforced Elastomers at Finite Strains

[img_assist|nid=15079|title=Elastomers Reinforced by Spherical Particles Under Different Loading Conditions|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=300|height=264]Abstract An approximate homogenization method is proposed and used to obtain estimates for the effective constitutive behavior and associated microstructure evolution in hyperelastic composites undergoing finite-strain deformations. The method yields a constitutive relation accounting for the evolution of characteristic features of the underlying microstructure in the composites, when subjected to large deformations.

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