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ES 240 Project: Impact Strength of a Hand-Made Bashring

Finished BashringFinished BashringUnfinished Bashring Mounted on CrankUnfinished Bashring Mounted on Crank

Advanced Mechanics of Materials by Roman Solecki and R. Jay Conant

--This is the book I used for my junior-year solid mechanics class as a mechanical engineer.  You an read more about it here:

--The book covers a wide range of topics, starting with a standard chapter on intro to stress and strain.  It then quickly moves to more advance topics, including numerical methods/finite element analysis, and a good section on buckling and vibration.

Tom Milnes' First Blog Entry

Hi All,

--I have taken 3 previous courses in solid mechanics. 

--My undergraduate major was mechanical engineering, with a concentration in vehicle dynamics.

-- My strength is that I've had some of this material before.  My weakness is that I haven't seen it for a few years.

--I'm a masters student so I don't have a research group.  I do work part time for a hedge fund though.

--Solid mechanics will add an interesting dimension to my education. 



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