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Micropolar Elasticity

Hi ,

   I want to learn about micropolar linear elastic theory.  Could anyone pls guide me which book/article/journal is best suited for a beginner in this area. I have quiet good background in basic solid mechanics, FEM and Dynamics.

Thanks in advance

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in-situ Young's moduli of the constitutive layers in a multilayer systems (e.g. thin films, SOFCs, TBCs etc.)


This recent article presents an improved methodology to calculate in-situ Young's moduli of the constitutive layers in a multilayer systems (e.g. thin films, SOFCs, TBCs etc.)


Amit Pandey, Amit Shyam, Zhien Liu, Richard Goettler, In-situ Young's moduli of the constitutive layers in a solid oxide fuel cell, Journal of Power Sources, Volume 273, 1 January 2015, Pages 522-529 



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in-situ Young's moduli of the constitutive layers in a multilayer systems (e.g. thin films, SOFCs, TBCs etc.)


This recent article present an improved methodology to calculate in-situ Young's moduli of the constitutive layers in a multilayer systems (e.g. thin films, SOFCs, TBCs etc.)

Pandey, A., Shyam, A., Liu, Z., & Goettler, R. (2014). In-situ Young’s Moduli of the Constitutive Layers in a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell. Journal of Power Sources. 



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Full-time job opportunity at ANSYS Inc. Houston, TX

We are pre-screening candidates for an opening for technical services engineer at ANSYS Inc. in Houston, TX.

The job entails providing advanced technical guidance on various aspects of computational Structural Mechanics to clients in industry and academia.

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Postdoc position in Paris on generalized continua modelling and experiments

A postdoctoral fellowship is available at Paris Institute of Technology (ParisTech) to work on generalized continua modeling.

The aim of this project is to probe the pertinence of generalized continua models by maximizing the non-standard effects of such models. It consists in a holistic approach including experimental, computational and modelling work. This project, funded by CNRS and Arts et Métiers-ParisTech, through F2M (Fédération Francilienne de Mécanique), is a collaboration between several laboratories in the Paris region. See the file attached for more details.

Geometric nonlinearity

I am trying to write my own code for geometrically nonlinear analysis of mixed structures (cables, trusses, beams...). I would like to have it as general as possible ie. applicable also to 2D and 3D solids. I am trying to follow nonincremental Newton Raphson procedure from Ansys theory manual, but my computation are not converging.. Can I kindly ask you for advice ?

Here is my flow:

=== Linear analysis ===

(1) inv Kt *F = du

resluts are correct comparing to Ansys

=== Nonlinear analysis ===

while (F_ext - F_int) < 1e-3

(2) u = u +du Can molecules make music? is a crowdfunding site for research (a Kickstarter for science!).

Open to all, a target amount for a project is set, and funds are raised through small individual donations. The success is based on how many people like your idea. It's kind of a fun/alternative idea to traditional grant sources! If you have an interesting idea, I recommend it.

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Discrete and smeared approach

I am structural engineering student , working on discrete and smeared model of 1/4 th scale bridge girder using ANSYS software and facing some problems.Some problems regarding discrete approach are: 1. can I use beam188 instead of link180 for modeling reinforcing steel???2. what should I use value of shear transfer coefficient for open and closed crack ?? what is criteria for using these coefficient??3. How can I apply load in multi-steps (load step1 ,load step2 ,load step3. etc) ???4. How can I set convergence criteria???

Case Studies in Engineering

Share your experience and learn from others'experiences
Share your knowledge with like-minded academics and engineers by contributing a short paper on the practical outcome of a project you’ve been involved in.
Watch the video!

Two PhD positions are available at Iowa State University

Two PhD positions are available at
Iowa State University to perform work on federally funded projects on phase-field
modeling of stress-induced phase transformations, surface-induced phenomena, and interaction between phase transformation

and plasticity using FEM. Positions can be either in Engineering Mechanics program in Aerospace Engineering Department (preferable) or in Mechanical Engineering Department.

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Nonlinear viscosity

The attached notes are written for a course on plasticity.  When I update the posts, I will write a note on my twitter account:  

VUMAT Double Precision

Hi all,

Can anybody help me out running a VUMAT with double precision?

If I define my variables in VUMAT as double precision and run "abaqus user=... job=..." the values do not match those in the inp file.

On the other hand, if I run "abaqus double user=... job=... " I get the following error:
Abaqus Error: Abaqus/Explicit user subroutines cannot be supplied as an object
file when double precision is used.
Abaqus/Analysis exited with error(s).

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How to investigate the thin layer between graphene sheets and surrrounding polymer (epoxy)?


There is an assumption that nanoparticles (e.g., graphene or CNT) change the local properties of polymer (here, epoxy) around them, perturbing the polymer chains. Which (not too expensive) methods exist to explore this assumption experimentally? How can I study the atomistic scale structure of polymer around the graphene sheets, and compare it with rest of polymer?





Abaqus - isotropic material definition problem with engineering constants


I am using a steady-state dynamic analysis procedure to model harmonic loading of a structure. I am investigating different material definitions. When I applied transversely isotropic stiffness using engineering constants, I saw a much different response than expected. So, as a test, I compared the following two models which gave DIFFERENT results: 

Measurements of surface stress evolution

Dear Colleagues,

We recently have reported first measurements of surface stress evolution in a material as a function of uniaxial time dependent deformation and at temperatures upto 100 degree C using a new analytical technology, Nanomechanical Raman Spectroscopy developed in our lab (Interfacial Multiphysics Lab directed by Dr. Vikas Tomar at Purdue).

interaction of stress intensity factor for perpendicular cracks

hai friends,

me doing engineering design... my project tite is "interaction of stress intensity factor for perpendicular cracks" this is y final yr project....pls guide me finding problem & knowing about the fracture mechanics and the purpose of stress intenssity factor..i really need the ansys analysis procedure for creating perpendicular cracks... pls help me friends ...send some link or web page ..

 PLS send details to my mail id  

contact no: 8015180689

thank you!!

Postdoc position in AICT of Seoul National University

Applications are invited for the position of postdoctoral fellow in the area of computational biology, biomechanics, biophysics and rheology. A Ph.D. degree with relevant research experience in the following areas will be preferred:

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How to get stiffness matrix from Abaqus using python??

Dear All:

I want to extract stiffness matrix from my model. For this, I added these lines to my input file:

*STEP, name=exportmatrix

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Postdoc position at Northeastern: Cellular structures, Soft Matter, and Biomimetic materials and structures

A postdoctoral fellow position at Northeastern University is available immediately, focused on the analysis of the nonlinear behavior of soft matter using computational mechanics and the development and analysis of active cellular structures, and biomimetic materials. The research will be carried out at the High Performance Materials and Structures Laboratory (

Looking for a postdoctoral position

Dear iMechanica members,

I am looking for a postdoctoral position to work in an experimental lab mainly focused on fuctional polymer material (like- hydrogels, composities etc.) synthesis.

Currently, I am working as as postdoc at UNC-CH to reveal the physical properties of living polymer material mucins/mucs.

I have completed successfully my PhD from the University of Hokkaido, Japan under the supervision of Professor JP Gong.


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