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A position of Research Associate at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) SG for Building Energy Simulation

Job Description:


Modelling and simulation of building energy by software tools (e.g. OpenStudio, EnergyPlus, or IES, etc.) for analysis and optimization of building performance, including thermal heat gains, solar access, daylighting, glare, air conditioning and mechanical ventilation system, etc.


Job Requirements:

ICCMS 2017 International Conference on Compoiste Materials and Structures

IIT Hyderabad is organizing the International Conference on Composite Materials and Structures.

The boruchure is attached here with

One page Abstract submission deadline is 30th May 2017.

More details on the conference are available at


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Call for Abstracts: SES 2017@Boston, Symposium II-B: Computational Mechanics of Soft Materials in Medicine

This symposium will focus on the computational modeling of soft materials and their interactions with biological entities for application in medicine.

Materials Testing- ADMET Blog

Materials Testing is that part of engineering design, development and research that relies on laboratory testing of one kind or another to answer questions. Testing is also required during manufacturing to ensure a material or product meets some predefined specification. A universal testing machine is used to measure the mechanical properties of materials intension, compression, bending or torsion. Common properties of interest include Offset Yield Strength, Young’s Modulus, Poisson's Ratio, Tensile and Compression Strength and Total Elongation.

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Ali H. Nayfeh passed away

Ali Hasan Nayfeh

Professor Ali H. Nayfeh passed away today Monday (March 27, 2017) at his home in Amman, Jordan. He was the University Distinguished Professor of Engineering at Virginia Tech Wikipedia

We mourn Nayfeh's passing with deep sadness for the loss of a giant in dynamics and structural mechanics.


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Postdoctoral Researcher in Computational Mechanics and Optimisation of Composite Materials at IMDEA Materials

The Composites Materials Group ( at IMDEA Materials, led by Drs. Carlos González and Cláudio S. Lopes, invites applications for a Postdoctoral Fellow in the field of multiscale computational mechanics and optimization of advanced composites. Candidates with strong background knowledge on computational damage mechanics, model development, numerical simulation and optimization methods for advanced composite materials and structures are strongly encouraged to apply.

Nonlinear programming and closest point return plasticity

New article:  Nonlinear programming and closest point return plasticity

This article tries to justify the use of backward Euler stress updates.

-- Biswajit

Development of ductile cementitious composites incorporating microencapsulated phase change materials

Dear all,

Our group recently published an article on development of strain hardening cementitious composites incorporating phase change materials.

It is available at:

The abstract is given below:

Forward vs backward Euler for return algorithms

In Part 5 of my series on return mapping for plane stress plasticity, I claim that the obsession with backward Euler is not justified if accuracy is important.  See

Let me know if you disagree and why.

-- Biswajit

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Adiabatic shear-Dynamic recrystallization-Softening

The attached results address the extent to which the presence of a nanograined, dynamically recrystallized phase may soften a material (in that case Ti6Al4V), causing ultimately failure by shear localization.

Comments welcome.

D. Rittel


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free public repositories of papers and books

I have been told that it is no longer needed to search for papers on regular libraries and libraries' services, as there is this web site which contains much more than even the best "legal" library

Simpleware Training Courses, Reading, UK, May 9-10 2017

Simpleware software

We're running fundamental and advanced training courses on Simpleware software on May 9th and 10th at the Synopsys Reading Training Centre.

Sign up for the fundamentals course to cover:

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GADeS Summer School on Stability and Bifurcation of Dynamical Systems: Theoretical Aspects and Applications

Dinamica e stabilità

First announcement of
GADeS Summer School on

Stability and Bifurcation of Dynamical Systems:
Theoretical Aspects and Applications

July 3-7, 2017, Savona, Italy


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Graphene layers give colourful warning

Graphene layers give colourful warning







(23 March 2017)


Published online


22 March 2017

Article toSubject terms:

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Society of Engineering Science (SES) Board of Directors---Call for Nominations

On behalf of the Board of Directors of SES, we are soliciting nominations to fill 2 positions in the SES Board of Directors. The SES members will elect the directors from the nominees. The Board plays an important role in defining the vision of SES, organizing various SES events, managing society finances, and evaluating nominations for the SES awards. Please nominate your colleagues to serve the Board. All we need are the name of the nominee and 1-2 sentences on why you think he/she might be appropriate for the SES Board.

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A simplified model for railway catenary wire dynamics

In this paper, a simplified analytic model for the dynamic behaviour of railway catenary wire is presented. The model is discussed and validated with the help of numerical results obtained by a finite element code, for the case of a typical Italian railway installation. The simplified model is convenient from the computational point of view and is useful for sensitivity analysis. Some parametric studies have been developed by considering as free parameters the velocity and the distance of the train pantographs and looking at their effect on catenary dynamics.

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SES-2017 -- Call for abstracts: Symposium VII-B: Experimental and Computational Trauma Biomechanics

The 54th Annual Technical Meeting of the Society of Engineering Science (SES), a joint event with the Applied Mechanics Division of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, will be hosted by Northeastern University, on July 25-28, 2017 at its Boston campus.

You are invited to submit abstracts to 

Symposium VII-B:Experimental and Computational Trauma Biomechanics.    Symposium Organizers:

Multiple Postdoctoral Positions at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) SG in computation mechanics


(1) Computational mechanics and multiphysics modelling of relevant areas, including the soft matter, 3D printing, fuel cell, bio-fluid and cell in microfluidics

(2) Supervision of undergraduate/postgraduate students


Job requirements

1)  PhD degree in Mechanical/Material Engineering or related fields

(2) Strong background in computational physics and solid/fluid mechanics

(3) Analytical and independent problem solving skills and ability to develop theoretical models and to implement large-scale numerical computation


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