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International Conference on Computational Methods and Simulation - ICCMS 2015

Dear sir/ma'am,


We are extremely glad to communicate that Department of Mechanical Engineering, R.V College of Engineering, Bengaluru is conducting an International Conference on Computational Methods and Simulation on 19th, 20th and 21st of August, 2015.

Elasto Plastic model for ballast material

I am new to Abaqus, and moddlling railroad ballast material in abaqus for cyclic loading. Could you please anyone let me know what is best elsto plastic model in Abaqus I can use for the ballast material.

Thank you.

viscoelastic modelling in abaqus


im a new abaqus user and i want to model a viscoelastic material (asphalt) in abaqus . i have uniaxial creep test data for characterize viscoelastic behaviour . my question is how can i enter viscoelastic parameters in abaqus?is there any way to put creep test data directely in abaqus??

in abaqus for modelling viscoelastic material in time domain there are three ways:

1)combined test data

2)shear test data

3)volumetric test data

Measuring Thermal Conductivity of Aerogels with Guarded Hot Plate Method

My question is on what basis do we decide 

1. The dimensions of the sample 
2. The dimensions of the hot and the cold plate 
3. The type of temperature detector sensors used 
4. Heating Source for the hot plate

Vacancy: Simpleware Sales Engineer Germany (DACH) Area

We are an international, fast-growing and innovative software company offering a dynamic working environment and opportunities for individual initiatives and career development. This interesting and varied position will require you to work very closely with R&D departments of a range of blue chip corporate companies, research institutions and universities.

For further expansion of our business in the German (DACH) area, we are looking for a skilled and ambitious Technical Sales Engineer.

Tasks & Responsibilities

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Hi friends;

I have a  Timoshinko beam . I want to earn natural frequencies it in Ansys But I dont khnow to in which step should dispense inertia moment and cross force . therewith I dont know to use from which menu . please help me , I need answer it immediately.

abaqus cfd/structure co-simulation

not able to edit ABAQUS/CFD 6.10 input file
the keyword for an abaqus/cfd model cannot be edited
???? any suggestion???

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Two Postdoc positions at Northeastern: Cellular structures, Soft Matter, and Biomimetic materials and structures

Two postdoctoral fellow positions at Northeastern University are available immediately, focused on the analysis of the nonlinear behavior of structures and soft matter using computational mechanics and the development and analysis of active cellular structures, and biomimetic materials. The research will be carried out at the High Performance Materials and Structures Laboratory (

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Postdoctoral Position: Mesoscale Modeling Materials at the University of Connecticut

The Computational Materials & Mechanics Group (CMMG) at the University of Connecticut has an opening for a postdoctoral researcher in the area of modeling of mechanical behavior of materials at the mesoscale. The postdoctoral researcher will work on the development and application of mesoscale models to investigate the dynamic response of metallic materials (high strain rate, shock) and will involve generation of data using atomistic simulations (molecular dynamics) for validation.

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Why Abaqus give incorrect result in plane strain plasticity?!!

There is an incorrect result from Abaqus in plane strain plasticity simulation. In this short video, this  result is shown.

It would be pleased if anybody have any idea about why this happen ?!!


YouTube link:


Aalto University School of Engineering in Finland has an open position for a doctoral student in the Arctic Marine and Ice Technology research group at the Department of Applied Mechanics. Our research group studies the behavior of ships and structures in ice, ice mechanics and also assesses the impact of sea ice on the safety of maritime transportation. An important part of our research is experimental work. For that we have excellent possibilities as we operate the Aalto Ice Tank, a 40 m × 40 m ice model basin.

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JAM now publishes a new type of paper: A Perspective

JAM now publishes a new type of paper -- A Perspective.  As invited by the Editor of JAM, the authors write a short (2~3 published pages) perspective paper on an emerging field, or an important new discovery, in mechanics.  The inaugural perspective paper, "Toughening Graphene With Topological Defects: A Perspective" by Dr. Teng Zhang and Prof. Huajian Gao from Brown University, was published in the May issue, 2015.  The PDF of the paper is attached. 

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Postdoc Position in Computational Modeling of Growth and Remodeling Mechanisms

A postdoctoral fellowship position is available at the laboratory of Rafael Grytz, PhD, at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, for 2 years, starting immediately. The candidate will be instrumental in developing computational methods to quantify and simulate growth and remodeling mechanisms in ocular conditions and diseases.

Call for Abstract : Fifth International Indentation Workshop, Nov.1-5, 2015, Richardson, USA.

Dear Colleagues,

Indentation, in particular, instrumented nanoindentation has become an elegant and effective technique for probing materials behavior at nanoscales and up.

We are now organizing the Fifth International Indentation Workshop (IIW5), which will take place at the University of Texas at Dallas, USA on November 1-5, 2015.

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Tensile Strenght vs Tensile Stress (of welded specimen)

Helo everyone,

I did the UTM Tensile testing for my standard specimen and got the stress strain table.

As a result i got the Tensile Strength (in Mpa). 

In abaqus i modeled the standard specimen and created the weld like model.

The plastic material properties (material properties of my Electrode E7018) is given to the weld geometry and

UTM results for the standard specimen, and got the same result for the UTM tested with welded specimen.

the rotational degree of freedom of the reference nodes is not restrained.

i am trying to simulate sheet metal bending.

die and punch were given as analytically ridid body.

the following error occured ,

kindly clarify me regarding this.










Abaqus/Explicit 6.10-1                           DATE 21-Apr-2015  TIME 11:33:14






How can we define "Bending Stiffness" in ABAQUS software

Hi guys,

I'm trying to simulate trsmition lines with and without dampers.

Who knows how can I define "Bending Stiffness" for a cable or beam?

thanks in advance 

ACM2015 : International Conference on Advances in Applied and Computational Mechanics ,5-7 August 2015, Izmir/Turkey

We are proud to announce International Conference on Advances in Applied and Computational Mechanics, which is organized in the honor of  70th birthday of Prof.J.N.Reddy. This is a tribute for his many and lasting contribution to education and research in applied mechanics.


Conference will be held at  WYNDHAM GRAND Hotel, Inciralti Izmir/Turkey during August 5-7, 2015. 

Postdoc/PhD Position available 05/15/2015

We are currently accepting candidates for 1 Ph.D. and 1 Postdoc position in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the State University of New York, Stony Brook, working on the smart materials with application to sensing, energy harvesting and control.


Individuals with very good knowledge in the following area(s) are invited to respond.

o                     Structural Dynamics


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