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MWR for the first- and third-order differential equations

Hi all,

In engineering sciences, we usually end up using either the second- or the fourth-order differential equations, and the MWR (the method of weighted residuals) works pretty well for them.

The question is: how about the first- and the third-order differential equations? Why don't we see any applications of MWR for these odd-ordered differential equations? What gives?

Error in finding connector element result please help

I am getting displacement and force both zero. I am attaching .cae file please have a look where i am making mistakes.

crack simulation in a body

i want to do crack anlysis in composite.i am thinking to use freefem++ or matlab for this purpose.please suggest me which one should i use.if any other,please recommend.

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Senior Researcher/Post-Doc Position in Solid Mechanics at AICT, Seoul National University, Korea

Applications are invited for the position of senior researcher/postdoctoral fellow in the following areas with special focus on multiscale defect mechanics of electronic materials and devices:

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Call for Abstracts in Mini-Symposium on "Computational Modeling of Microstructural Evolution II”- ASME Congress 2014

Dear Colleague,

We would like to invite you to participate in a mini-symposium entitled “Computational Modeling of Microstructural Evolution II” in ASME 2014 International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition (
ASME Congress and Exposition will be held in Montreal's downtown convention center, 14-20 November 2014.

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Post Doc Position

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Division of Labor

I have updated my notes on "Energe Release Rate.  Fracture Energy".  I will use my twitter account to update my teaching, research, and reading.  You will get an automatic update if you subscribe to my twitter account.

The qualitative picture of fracture may be well-understood, across disparate scales of length and time, from the distortion of electron clouds, to the jiggling of atoms, to the motion of dislocations, to the extension of the crack, to the load-carrying capacity of a structure.  This statement by itself, however, is of limited value: it offers little help to the engineer trying to prevent fracture of a structure.  Hypes of multiscale computation aside, no reliable method exists today to predict fracture by computation alone.

NEW: Case Studies in Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation

Now accepting Case Studies! 

Reverse Engineering Ants for Robotics

New research is emerging out of a project where Ohio State University used our software to reconstruct the anatomy of an ant neck. In this project, micro-CT scans of an ant neck were reconstructed using Simpleware software and exported as a mesh for analysis in Abaqus.

Simulations in Abaqus identified where stress concentrations tend to take place for ants' necks, providing insight into how they are able to support large weights. This research has created the potential for developing micro-robots capable of handling similar loads, as well as other ant-inspired designs for space engineering.

2D problems in abaqus

I am new to
using Abaqus.

I want to simulate crack propagation analysis using FEM and XFEM
in abaqus to obtain SIF value for a stationary crack for 2D prolems.

Can you explain me how to simulate this problem in abaqus?



I have created a channel beam using 3D shell elements. It is subjected to two point loading each at 1/3rd length. I have performed STATIC RIKS analysis. Is it possible to draw bending moment diagram for this model? Orelse if i use section moments how can i interpret the maximum moment?

Your reply is highly appreciable.

BCs of a rotating crankshaft in abaqus


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Missed the SIMULIA XFEM eSeminar?

No worries! Check out the recording and learn how Abaqus FEA provides proven robust capabilities for modeling bulk fracture and crack propagation in many materials. One of the newest techniques available in Abaqus is the eXtended Finite Element Method (XFEM) whose advantages over alternative approaches include mesh independent crack definition, improved convergence rates for stationary cracks, simplified mesh refinement studies and more!

Find the video here:


Other documents about the UMAT

For anyone who is interested in the UMAT. Thanks Google for making sharing so easy!




finite strain in ABAQUS




Scholarship Boost for UK’s new Structural Integrity Research Centre

full scholarships are available on the 2014 Structural Integrity MSc programme developed
by Brunel University in collaboration with TWI as part of the work of the new National
Structural Integrity Research Centre, (NSIRC).

New Open Access journal: Case Studies in Engineering Failure Analysis

Read over 40 open access articles from Case Studies in Engineering Failure Analysis

Case Studies in Engineering Failure Analysis provides a forum for the rapid publication of short, structured Case Studies in Engineering Failure Analysis and related Short Communications, and will provide an essential compendium of case studies for practitioners in the field of engineering failure analysis and others who are interested in the ways in which components fail.

Read the 40+ articles that are live already!

Buckling analysis of a imperfection sensitive cylinderical shell under compression

I have carried out eigen buckling analysis of cylindrical shell under axial compression under unit load  using abaqus in model-1 and in model -2 i carried out riks analysis gave imperfection 0.2mm fotr shell thickness 2mm radius 0.25m,h=0.5 m after the 100 increment the the shell is subjected to load which is obtained from first buckling load in first mode  here how to get the collapse load

write a command in ansys static structural

Hi every body,
I wonder if it is possible to write a *Do Loop in the static structural command snipper. I have to change a parameter in some substep of my solution, so I need *Do command. However, I am not sure if it is feasible to write a command in structural domain in order to change some parameters during solution.
I would be really appreciated if some one can help me with that.
Best Regards


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