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Reliability Summer Internship (Rolls Royce and LG Fuel Cells)

 Fuel Cell Ceramics Reliability Summer Intern. 


Interested candidates with a background in mechanical, material science. solid mechanics please email your resume to amit.pandey/at/lgfcs/dot/com with the subject title "Fuel Cell

Ceramics Reliability Summer Intern"


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Fully-funded PhD position in Computational Mechanics [#1] for EU students for September 2016, University of Southampton, UK

PhD project 1 (Reference: NGCM-0011)


Generalised asymptotic numerical methods for buckling instability problems in biological systems and bio-inspired morphing structures

Biotribology Group, nCATS
Faculty of Engineering and the Environment
University of Southampton, United Kingdom



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A Ph.D. student position in Mechanical Engineering at Temple University

There is one open Ph.D. student position with financial support in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Temple University to start in Fall, 2016 . The successful applicant will work with Dr. Haijun Liu in his LISTEN Lab ( on interdisciplinary research topics that involve mechanics, biology, acoustics, and sensor technology. The research topic for this position is on the mechanics/asoutics modeling of thin sound insulators and experimental characterization.  Interested candidates are invited to email Dr.

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Fatigue design and maintenance of railway axles

The ESIS Technical Committee 24 provides a forum for researchers and engineers who deal with structural integrity problems in modern railway system. During our latest meeting, held on 1-2 October 2014 at Politecnico di Milano, excellent talks presented results obtained within different research projects, including  EURAXLES - EBFW3  and SUSTRAIL.

Ph. D student and Post-doc researcher are needed

Positions of one Ph.D student and one Post-doc researcher are now open in the department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) to work on NSF and DoD funded projects. We are looking for enthusiastic and self-motivated candidates who are experienced in solid and structural mechanics, composites, and materials science. Specifically, candidates with experience in one or more of the following areas are encouraged to apply:

Unexpected unloading (local snapback) within elements

Dear all,


Currently I am developing codes for the implicit gradient-enhanced damaged plasticity model of concrete in the framework of isogeometric analysis approach.

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CALL FOR PAPERS - Impact, Damage and Fracture of Composite Structures, 2016 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, Phoenix, AZ 2016


2016 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition Phoenix, Arizona, November 11-17, 2016

Track 3: Advances in Aerospace Technology

Topic 3-10: Impact, Damage and Fracture of Composite Structures

Organized by K.T. Tan ( and Ali Najafi (


WEBINAR - How TURBOdesign Suite enables pump designers to meet emission legislation | Wed 9 March

In order to meet emission legislation such as EU’s Ecodesign directive or US’s Energy Conservation Standard for Pumps, pump designers need to optimize the efficiency of the pump over multiple operating points. In this 1 hour free webinar we will show how the different modules available in TURBOdesign Suite, especially the 3D inverse design code TURBOdesign1 and automatic optimization platform TURBOdesign Optima can be used to rapidly design high performance pump stages that meet requirement at multiple operating points.


Model updating FGM

Hi friends,

I want many articles about Model updating Functionally Graded Material, But I don't find them.

please help me.


Usermat: Linear viscoelastic model with geometric nonlinearity


I have implemented a linear viscoelastic model using the user subroutine Usermat in Ansys.
I have used the classical paper: "Formulation and implementation of three-dimensional viscoelasticity at small and finite strains" of Kaliske & Rothert (Simo's approach) and it works fine for small deformations.

It is written in the documentation that in the case of a simulation with large strain (geometric nonlinearity), one must rotate the state variables.

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Inquiry for a postdoc position

Dear Professor,

I am Fan Xie, currently a doctoral candidate in solid mechanics, Beihang University. I will receive my Ph. D. degree in June 2016.

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Positions for Research Assistant, Research Associate, PhD student or Postdoctoral Fellow at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

We are looking for candidates who have strong background in mechanics to help us modelling and simulating of 2D and 3D nonconventional textile structures with negative Poisson’s ratio (auxetic textiles). The positions can be Research Assistant, Research Associate, PhD student or Postdoctoral Fellow depending on applicant’s previous experience.


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ASME 2016 IMECE- Call for Papers [Track 12] 12-35 Physics and Mechanics of Ductile Failure: Modeling and Experiments

We invite you to participate at our session on Physics and Mechanics of Ductile Failure: Modeling and Experiments at ASME 2016 IMECE to be held in Phoenix, Arizona, USA during November 11-16, 2016.


The deadline for submission of abstracts is March 7, 2016. The session is organized under Track 12,  #12-35 Physics and Mechanics of Ductile Failure: Modeling and Experiments.


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The anisotropy of hexagonal close-packed and liquid interface free energy using molecular dynamics simulations based on modified embedded-atom method

This work aims to comprehensively study the anisotropy of the hexagonal close-packed (HCP)-liquid interface free energy using molecular dynamics (MD) simulations based on the modified-embedded atom method (MEAM). As a case study, all the simulations are performed for Magnesium (Mg). The solid-liquid coexisting approach is used to accurately calculate the melting point and melting properties. Then, the capillary fluctuation method (CFM) is used to determine the HCP-liquid interface free energy and anisotropy parameters.

Soil nail interaction modeling in abaqus



Im modeling soil nail wall subjected to freeze-thaw ( sinusoidal temp variation) by sequentioally coupled temp-displacement., using abaqus .i managed to capture the heat transfer and model the heaving. now im looking to define the interaction between soil and nail in order to obtain stress and strain distribution along nail. however, i donno to define the interaction and their property, was wondering if anyone can give me some advice over the matter ive mentioned.



Any help is really appreciated 

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Positions for PhD students

Two positions for PhD students are available in Prof. Peng-Cheng Ma’s group in The Xinjiang Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). The institute is one of the research unites affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and it locates in Urumqi, China, a city with distinctively historic and cultural atmosphere. Major research activities in the group are: i) Carbon-based materials for structural and functional applications; 2) Polymer-based nanocomposites for engineering and environmental applications.

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Faculty Position - Solid Mechanics - Stony Brook University

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Stony Brook University has a tenure-track faculty position open in Solid Mechanics.

Required Qualifications: Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering or related field.

Preferred Qualifications: Candidates in the area of Solid Mechanics, with emphasis on composite materials. An experimental background is preferred. Highly qualified candidates in other areas of solid mechanics will also be considered.

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Local radial point interpolation (MLRPI) method for solving time fractional diffusion-wave equation with damping

The purpose of the current investigation is to determine numerical solution of time-fractional diffusion-wave equation with damping for Caputo's fractional derivative of orderα(1<α≤2).

Explicit vs. implicit FDM: Could you please suggest a reference?

The context is the finite difference modeling (FDM) of the transient diffusion equation (the linear one: $\dfrac{\partial T}{\partial t} = \alpha \dfrac{\partial^2 T}{\partial x^2}$).

Two approaches are available for modeling the evolution of $T$ in time: (i) explicit and (ii) implicit (e.g., the Crank-Nicolson method).

It was obvious to me that the explicit approach has a local (or compact) support whereas the implicit approach has a global support.

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[Call for Papers] 3D Printed Soft Materials, ASME IMECE 2016

We would like to invite you to submit an abstract to the session on 3D Printed Soft Materials at the ASME 2016 IMECE to be held from November 11 to November 17, 2016 in Phoenix, AZ.

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, offers unique opportunities to explore novel properties and mechanics of soft materials. This session calls papers from research efforts related to soft materials with novel properties realized or created using 3D printing techniques. Specific topics of interest include, but not limited to:


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