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The Weak Compatibility Equations of Nonlinear Elasticity and the Insufficiency of the Hadamard Jump Condition for Non-Simply Connected Bodies

We derive the compatibility equations of L2 displacement gradients on non-simply-connected bodies. These compatibility equations are useful for non-smooth strains such as those associated with deformations of multi-phase materials. As an application of these compatibility equations, we study some configurations of different phases around a hole and show that, in general, the classical Hadamard jump condition is not a sufficient compatibility condition.

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Postdoctoral position in Multiscale Modeling and Experimental Characterization of Polymer Composites under High Strain Rate Deformations

Applications are invited for an immediate  Postdoctoral position within the Cognitive Performance Optimization Laboratory (COPOL) in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of New Brunswick. The candidate will perform research in the area of multiscale modeling and failure analysis of high-performance light materials such as Long Fiber Thermoplastic Composites under high strain rate deformations.

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Stiffness threshold of randomly distributed carbon nanotube networks  For carbon nanotube (CNT) networks, with increasing network density, there may be sudden changes in the properties, such as the sudden change in electrical conductivity at the electrical percolation threshold.  In this paper, the change in stiffness of the CNT networks is studied and especially the existence of stiffness threshold is revealed.  Two critical network densities are found to divide the stiffness behavior into three stages: zero stiffness, bending dominated an

Curvature matters!

In a recent article in Acta Materialia ("Atom probe informed simulations of dislocation-precipitate interactions reveal the importance of local interface curvature" ) we showed how the interface curvature influences dislocation - precipitate interactions.


Two Ph.D positions are available in the field of computational modelling in the research group of Dr Parashar at the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. The areas of immediate interest are

1.                  Molecular dynamics based atomistic modelling of Zr-Nb alloys. PhD candidate will work on a research project sponsored by BARC.

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Call for Abstracts: Symposium on “Mechanics of Energy and Energetic Materials” at SEM 2016 (Buena Vista, FL, June 6-9, 2016)

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to cordially invite you to submit an abstract to the 2016 Society for Experimental Mechanics (SEM) International Congress session on “Mechanics of Energy and Energetic Materials”. The conference will be held in Buena Vista, FL from June 6–9, 2016. Abstracts are due October 5, 2015 via the website.

Mechanics of Energy and Energetic Materials

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Invitation for Abstracts: Computational Mechanics Symposium at EMI 2016 (Vanderbilt)

Dear Colleagues

I would like to make you aware of a computational solid mechanics minisymposium being organized for the 2016 EMI-PMC conference at Vanderbilt University, May 22-25, 2016:

MS 15: Computational Methods and Applications for Solid and Structural Mechanics 

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postdoctoral position - phase field modeling

A postdoctoral research associate position is available immediately in the Computational Materials & Mechanics Laboratory at Missouri University of Science and Technology (Rolla),

Candidates need to have a strong background in Phase Field Modeling (PFM).

Interested candidates should send their CV and two to three of their journal articles (in PFM area) to Prof. Zaeem at

Call for Nominations for the Zdeněk P. Bažant Medal for Failure and Damage Prevention

EMI, the Engineering Mechanics Institute of ASCE, is pleased to announce that the ASCE Board of Direction has established the Zdenek P. Bazant Medal for Failure and Damage Prevention.  This award was established to honor Zdeněk P. Bažant, Ph.D., S.E., NAS, NAE, Hon.M.ASCE, a recognized expert in the field of analytical and computational modeling of failure of quasi-brittle materials.

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High damage tolerance of electrochemically lithiated silicon

Wang, X. et al. High damage tolerance of electrochemically lithiated silicon. Nature Communications 6:8417 doi: 10.1038/ncomms9417 (2015).


Masters and PhD Opportunity in Geotechnical Engineering at Canada


Good Day. I am a PhD student (Geotechnical Engineering) at Memorial University, Canada. Currenlty, my supervisor ( is actively looking for graduate students. If you are really interested, Please E-mail your CV @ by October 9, 2015.

Thanks for your time.


Sujan Dutta. 

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EMI Mini-symposium for Computational Geomechanics

Dear colleagues, 

I am writing to invite you to submit abstract to the Computational Geomechanics mini-symposium at the EMI Vanderbilt conference, from May 22th to 26th, 2016. The mini-symposium is co-organized by myself, Prof. Qiushi Chen, Prof. Xiayu Song, Dr. Joshua White, Prof. Richard Regueiro, Prof. Jose Andrade, Prof. Majid Manzaril and Prof. Ronaldo Borja.

The deadline for the abstract submission is Oct 15th, 2015. 

More information can be found at URL below: 

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Faculty Position in Mechanical Engineering at Boston University

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Boston University invites applicants for a tenure-track faculty position in biomechanics, to begin Fall 2016. This position is at the level of Assistant Professor.   The department seeks to build upon its core strength in mechanical engineering as well as its collaborative research areas in mechanics of biological materials and soft materials.

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Peptide–Graphene Interactions Enhance the Mechanical Properties of Silk Fibroin Studies reveal that biomolecules can form intriguing molecular structures with fascinating functionalities upon interaction with graphene. Then, interesting questions arise. How does silk fibroin interact with graphene? Does such interaction lead to an enhancement in its mechanical properties?

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On the origins of the idea of the multiplicative decomposition of the deformation gradient

Usually the multiplicative decomposition of deformation gradient in finite plasticity is (incorrectly) attributed to Lee and Liu (1967). This short note discusses the origins of this idea, which go back to the late 1940s. We explain that the first explicit mention of this decomposition appeared a decade earlier in the work of Bilby, et al. (1957) and Kröner (1959). While writing this note I found out that Bruce Bilby passed away a couple of years ago at the age of 91.

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PhD/Postdoctoral position@KIT (Germany) on phase-field modeling of polycrystalline evolution in geological veins

GEOLAB, a joint initiative of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany), Helmholtz
centers for Environmental Research (UFZ) and Geosciences (GFZ,Potsdam) invite applications
for a PhD/Postdoc candidate position (Salary scale TV-L E13).

International Conference on Fatigue Damage of Structural Materials XI

The eleventh biennial International Conference on Fatigue Damage of Structural Materials will be held in scenic Cape Cod at The Resort and Conference Center at Hyannis, Massachusetts from the 18-24 September 2016. This prestigious and long running conference will bring together delegates from around the world to discuss how to characterize, predict, and analyze the fatigue damage of structural materials.

Open Position: Professor of Composite Materials

We are looking for you to join FHNW University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland at the Institute of Polymer Engineering in Windisch, Switzerland at the earliest possible date as a Professor of Composite Materials.


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