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Job opening at GEM in Princeton, NJ

Global Engineering and Materials, Inc. (GEM) is looking for candidates to fill an immediate opening of Research/Software Development Engineers.

Please find detailed job descriptions in the attached file. Thanks!

Measure Curved Edge length in ABAQUS CAE

Greetings all,

i want to know, is there any way to measure edge length ( "curves" specifically,  not looking for straight edge length  using distance between vertices as query feature :) ), and also to get vertices co-ordinates in  local co-ordinate system; in ABAQUS CAE or using python scripting.

my problem is somehow related to above query,  can manage solution with 'other' tricks, but want to know any standard methods are avaliable.

Any help is appreciated.



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24th International Workshop on Computational Mechanics of Materials (IWCMM 24) in Madrid, Spain, on October 1st-3rd 2014

The abstract submission for the 24th International Workshop on
Computational Mechanics of Materials (IWCMM 24) in Madrid, Spain, on
October 1st-3rd, 2014 is now opened. The deadline for abstract
submission is June 15th, 2014.

The workshop is intended to cover all aspects of modeling and
simulations of the mechanical behavior at different length and time
scales. The materials of interest range from traditional materials such
as metals, alloys, polymers and composites to advanced and emerging
materials and bio-materials.

Lattice modeling of rapid chloride migration in concrete

Dear all,

We recently publsihed a study on modeling rapid chloride migration in concrete using the lattice modeling approach. Registered subscribers can view the article at:

We appreciate any comments or suggestions.


User-defined subroutine in ABAQUS


Is there some one who obtained the files of this article 'Toward realization of computaitonal homogenization in practice'. Can you share them? Thank you.

Or is there some one who has the experience on the multiscale homogenization of inelasticity in abaqus.?'

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What happens when an engineer submits a paper to a physics journal

I believe many of us went through that kind of ostracism. Now, I will provide a concrete argument. This is the reply we received when we responded our paper was indeed of interest to the Physics community, which was first raised as an issue by the editor. We provided a very detailed explanation.

So when they run out of valuable arguments, all they can produce is this pathetic statement below.

The question is more fundamental. Why do we, as mechanicians always welcome papers from physicists, while the reciprocal is far from being obvious?


What does "traction-free boundary condition" mean?

Dear all:

I am confused by the "traction free boundry condition". Does that mean the stress on the boundry is zero? But the stress on the boundry is definitly not zero. I don't know how to use this condition. I hope someone can help me. Thanks very much.





Best wishes, 

Call for abstracts: “Issues in computational modeling of damage, fracture and fragmentation of solid materials”

As part of the 51st Annual Technical Meeting of the Society of Engineering Science (SES 2014) to be held at Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, on October 1-3 2014, it is our pleasure to invite you to submit an abstract to the Symposium “Issues in computational modeling of damage, fracture and fragmentation of solid materials”.

Structures: New Research Journal welcoming submissions

The Institution of Structural Engineers, the world's leading professional body for qualifications and standards in structural engineering, and Elsevier are pleased to announce that Structures, a new peer-reviewed journal covering the full breadth of structural engineering research, is now open for submissions.

why my umat's behavior degrade in parallel mode?

I've met some strange problems implementing umat. To speak in short, it's parallel degradation, which means when run in serial mode, everything is OK, there's no failure of equilibirium iteration and therefore no cut back, but when switch to parallel mode, there are random cut backs. I checked the process by outputing results to files and found very bizarre phenomenon, the data changes when transfering from the subroutine called to its caller. For example, if the main program calles sub(a), and in sub a is specified intent(out).



I works with subroutins in ABAQUS.

I  have written a vuhard subroutin and I have some problems.

who  does work with this subroutin that can help me?


With regards


deformation of a clamped circular plate

Hi all, 
I need help to calculate the deformation of a circular plate(d=200mm and t=10mm) with a hole (d=20mm and t=5mm) at a center. The plate is clamped at its edge and subjected to 275KPa uniformly distributed load at the face without the hole.

I want to study the variation of maximum deformation with the  varying depth of the central hole. Any ideas on how I should approach this problem?


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Why shape function is kept orthogonal to residue in Galerkin method?

I have a question regarding the shape functions. Why the shape function is kept orthogonal to residue in Galerkin method? Looking forward to hearing from you all.

Creep strain vs time graph as input in abaqus

I have a creep strain vs
time graph. How can that be used as input for creep? In defining creep,
abaqus asks for power law multiplier, eq stress order and time order?
how can those be found from creep strain vs time graph?

2 Post-doctoral positions in geomechanics available

2 Post-doctoral positions of 1 year duration are available in geomechanics. You can find details on the positions at

What are the regular iteration steps of cohesive model based FEM for crack problems


         I'm now start to learn cohesive zone model based FEM for crack problems. According the a regular coehsize model (bilinear for example), the relative displacement and the cohesive stress are both unknwon, so iteration is required. My question is that what are the regular iteration steps?



fatigue analysis with FEM

Dear all

I want to model 300000 cycles of loading with maximum and minimum value for force as a fatigue loading.I want to model this problem in abaqus and I have several idea for it but not sure about them.would you help me what to do?

many thanks 

Doing Topology Optimization Explicitly and Geometrically - A New Moving Morphable Components Based Framework

    Structural topology optimization, which aims at placing available material within a prescribed design domain appropriately in order to achieve optimized structural performances, has received considerable research attention since the pioneering work of Bendsoe and Kikuchi. Many approaches have been proposed for structural topology optimization and it now has been extended to a wide range of physical disciplines such as acoustics, electromagnetics and optics.

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Symposium on Structural Repairs, AIAA SciTech 2015, Florida

Call for Papers

Special Session on Structural Repairs

AIAA SciTech 2015, the new home of the

56th AIAA/ASME/ASCE/AHS/ASC Structures,
Structural Dynamics, and Materials Conference

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Symposium on Structural Joints, AIAA SciTech 2015, Florida

Call for Papers

Special Session on Structural Joints


AIAA SciTech 2015, the new home of the

Running a Matlab job in batch mode on a research server

Hi, all,

I  was trying to run a Matlab m file to do some post precessing in my optimization loops. I need to run it as a batch mode without opening either Matlat interface or command window. I was trying multiple ways and it doesn't work. Any experience on this, PLEASE let me know! 

So, my question simply as "I need to run obj.m and get design.txt". I've already used fopen and fprintf to write output txt file. I need to know how to run this obj.m file! Thanks.

Best Regards,



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