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generat initial stresses ?

Hi everybody

I am a geotech engineer, I use a program Abaqus, I want to know 
when I use tow layers of soil, each layer with their properties, when i use the contact between these layers

my question is; How i generat initial stresses without discontinuity between the two layers ?


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Stress concentration near stiff inclusions

Do singular stress fields exist close to rigid corners?

See the photoelastic investigation at

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Intern Opening at Apple

You will be working on stress simulation of electronic components and sensors with a group of brilliant minds here in Apple’s Headquarters. You are a graduate student with good academic standing majoring in Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Mechanics or similar engineering fields. You are a good programmer and familiar with Python. You must be authorized to work in US. The intern position is open immediately. Send your resume to Jeff Zhao (jhzhao at

Acta Mechanica Sinica, Vol.30, Issue 3, 2014 is online now!

Dear everyone!

The third issue in 2014 (Volume 30, Issue 3) of Acta Mechanica Sinica (AMS) is now online.

Welcome to this SCI-indexed journal for rapid publication of your exciting results.


Phase-field modeling and simulation of fracture in brittle materials with strongly anisotropic surface energy

Crack propagation in brittle materials with anisotropic surface energy is important in applications involving
single crystals, extruded polymers, or geological and organic materials. Furthermore, when this anisotropy
is strong, the phenomenology of crack propagation becomes very rich, with forbidden crack propagation
directions or complex sawtooth crack patterns. This problem interrogates fundamental issues in fracture
mechanics, including the principles behind the selection of crack direction. Here, we propose a variational

Problem in steel connection model using abaqus

Hello Everyone,

I'm trying to model an extended shear tab connection using ABAQUS 6.13-2, I've tried to model 4 connections and I compared the results I've got with the experimental work, and I noticed that the FEA is way stiffer that the experimental work, I have only one warning and it says "If significant clearance/overclosure exists between surface pair (assembly__pickedsurf579,assembly__pickedsurf580) and the master surface does not have rotational degrees of freedom, adjustment is recommended for correct enforcement of the tie constraint"

Workshop on Microfluidics : Nanofluidics : Multiscale CFD, Registration deadline extended

Please join us for a national workshop on Microfluidics and Nanofluidics near Delhi, India during 14-16 July 2014. We are happy to have some higly accomplished academician in multiscale CFD domain. Prof. Suman Chakraborty, Bhatnagar Awardee 2013 will be principal instructor and speaker in the event.

Linking between MKL, LAPACK and ABAQUS

Hi everybody,

I'm an ABAQUS UEL user. I have Intel Parallel Studio 2013 installed on my computer with Visual Studio 2013 and ABAQUS 6-12.3

I'm almost a begginer in this area. I realized that Intel Composer XE 2013 (which has been intalled on my machine) contains MKL which has BLAS and LAPACK libraries in it.

I tried to use some of their functions (let's say eigenvalue solver and SVD solver). When I'm
trying to run it (abaqus job=test user=test1 int) I'm getting this error

Compression buckling of polymeric beam/column


I have a problem with a stacked colum of elastomeric membranes (natural rubber or silicone).

I am looking for a compression buckling criterion that applies for hyperelastic materials in presence of large deformations (up to 400%).

I've read about Haringx formula, that should apply for these materials, but I suspect that it is valid for small strains only.

My question is:

- is there a suitable buckling criterion for this case?



svp quelqu'un peut m'aider à installer FRANC2D, et m'indique comment translater un fichier d'ixtension *.inp du abaqus à FRANC2D

et merci d'avence


VAL2015 conference on Variable Amplitude Loading - Abstract submission system opened

Dear iMechanician

We are preparing everything necessary to host the 3rd International Conference on Material and Component Performance under Variable Amplitude Loading (VAL 2015) in Prague, Czech Republic in March 23-26, 2015. From now on, you can register your abstracts in the online
submission system
. The system will stay open till July 7, 2014, so do not forget to insert your abstract in time.

What are the guidelines of dissertation methodology chapter writing

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Looking for a post-doctoral position in mechanics

I am looking for a post-doctoral opportunity to use my know-how in
mechanics and further develop my understanding and contribute to the
community. I have a PhD in Engineering Mechanics from UW-Madison.

Seismic load ABAQUS


I have faced a problem with modeling a dynamic load.

The load is given as a displacement constraint in boundary conditions. Additionally it is connected with amplitude definition which has 20 rows in tabulated data.

The problem is that the deformed shape does not look like expected, load is an earthquake simulation (amplitudes have changing signs) and the deformation looks as it was performed only for 1st row from amplitudes. The rest is not taken into account I tried to change amplitude's time span (step, total) but it didnt work.

Novice ABAQUS user seeking advice on damaged plasticity reinforced concrete model


am an ABAQUS novice working on a graduation project.  My model is a
reinforced concrete Tee-joint with steel rebars and stirrups embedded to the
concrete.  The concrete is modeled using the Damage-Plasticity model, with
mostly default suggested values.  The elastic and plastic values are
derived from experimental values.  In addition to the embeddment, the
column and the beam is tied together using the tie command.  The model is
subjected to an axial load as well as a displacement force. 

Stress Recovery in XFEM

Hello all,

I am new to imechanica so pls forgive me if I make a mistake.

I have a coplue of doubts while recovering stresses from XFEM.

My problem statement has an inclusion with some eigen strain, embedded in  an infinite matrix. I have solved the problem for displacements using XFEM. I need to get the stresses at a point close to the interface.

vumat for isotropic perfect plastic

Hi all,

        I wrote VUMAT subroutine using fortran 77 for perfect plasticity unisng von mises plasticity..when analysed it using unidirectional tensile simulation for a simple cube seems to me that it only goes through elastic deformation and not plastic...i tried to find out what is the error..but could not find it..could anyone please find what is the error in this code..i have attached the VUMAT code for the reference...thank you very much...


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A FE code with large deformation contact capability and large elasto plastic analysis in Henky strain

Hi every one...

I finished my master in mechanical engineearing about eight month ago ... and in my Master career, I wrote a Fortran Finte element code with capabality of  mortar cantact analysis[1,2] and rate independent plasticity with kinematic and isotropic hardening and with large deformation capabilty for isotropic materials[3,4]. My code converges very well and I achieved quadratic convergence and I didn't use any comercial Fe packages like ansys and abaqus .....

Coupling in taut helical strand bending

Usually, taut helical strand bending is dealt with by decoupling axial load and bending analysis. In the attached report,  based on a purely geometrical approach, it is shown that there is indeed some coupling, albeit small.

New introductory course in structural mechanics opens on edX

2.01x: Elements of Structures is a new introductory course in structural mechanics that just started on edX. Anybody can  register  to audit the course for free. 

Course material includes lecture videos, tutorials, example problems, recitation problems with video walkthrough, homework problems, "boardnotes" (condensed lecture notes) and synoptic tables.

Deformation gradient change in Abaqus

Help needed!! in Abaqus

I have UMAT written to update stress and material tangent components for a user defined material model. I need stretch ratio as an input for my material model. For this I am using deformation gradient from UMAT. Problem is, when there is constant strain (strain rate = 0), for example when material stretched to 100% strain (rubber) and then held at that strain for certain time to see stress relaxation, the deformation gradient should give the same value of 100% strain, but to my surprise this is changing. Can any one help me with this.   


plasticity of orthotropic material in abaqus cae

dear all

 do anyone know how to simulate the plasticity of orthotropic material in abaqus cae?

  your help will be highly appreciated.

 best wish



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