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Novice ABAQUS user seeking advice on damaged plasticity reinforced concrete model


am an ABAQUS novice working on a graduation project.  My model is a
reinforced concrete Tee-joint with steel rebars and stirrups embedded to the
concrete.  The concrete is modeled using the Damage-Plasticity model, with
mostly default suggested values.  The elastic and plastic values are
derived from experimental values.  In addition to the embeddment, the
column and the beam is tied together using the tie command.  The model is
subjected to an axial load as well as a displacement force. 

Stress Recovery in XFEM

Hello all,

I am new to imechanica so pls forgive me if I make a mistake.

I have a coplue of doubts while recovering stresses from XFEM.

My problem statement has an inclusion with some eigen strain, embedded in  an infinite matrix. I have solved the problem for displacements using XFEM. I need to get the stresses at a point close to the interface.

vumat for isotropic perfect plastic

Hi all,

        I wrote VUMAT subroutine using fortran 77 for perfect plasticity unisng von mises plasticity..when analysed it using unidirectional tensile simulation for a simple cube seems to me that it only goes through elastic deformation and not plastic...i tried to find out what is the error..but could not find it..could anyone please find what is the error in this code..i have attached the VUMAT code for the reference...thank you very much...


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A FE code with large deformation contact capability and large elasto plastic analysis in Henky strain

Hi every one...

I finished my master in mechanical engineearing about eight month ago ... and in my Master career, I wrote a Fortran Finte element code with capabality of  mortar cantact analysis[1,2] and rate independent plasticity with kinematic and isotropic hardening and with large deformation capabilty for isotropic materials[3,4]. My code converges very well and I achieved quadratic convergence and I didn't use any comercial Fe packages like ansys and abaqus .....

Coupling in taut helical strand bending

Usually, taut helical strand bending is dealt with by decoupling axial load and bending analysis. In the attached report,  based on a purely geometrical approach, it is shown that there is indeed some coupling, albeit small.

New introductory course in structural mechanics opens on edX

2.01x: Elements of Structures is a new introductory course in structural mechanics that just started on edX. Anybody can  register  to audit the course for free. 

Course material includes lecture videos, tutorials, example problems, recitation problems with video walkthrough, homework problems, "boardnotes" (condensed lecture notes) and synoptic tables.

Deformation gradient change in Abaqus

Help needed!! in Abaqus

I have UMAT written to update stress and material tangent components for a user defined material model. I need stretch ratio as an input for my material model. For this I am using deformation gradient from UMAT. Problem is, when there is constant strain (strain rate = 0), for example when material stretched to 100% strain (rubber) and then held at that strain for certain time to see stress relaxation, the deformation gradient should give the same value of 100% strain, but to my surprise this is changing. Can any one help me with this.   


plasticity of orthotropic material in abaqus cae

dear all

 do anyone know how to simulate the plasticity of orthotropic material in abaqus cae?

  your help will be highly appreciated.

 best wish


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TMS Division: Functional Material Division (FMD
formerly known as EMPMD)

FMD sub-committee: Energy Conversion and Storage



Solution of Post-Buckling& Limit Load Problems, Without Inverting the Tangent Stiffness Matrix& Without Using Arc-Length Methods

Solution of Post-Buckling & Limit Load Problems, Without Inverting the Tangent Stiffness Matrix & Without Using Arc-Length Methods

by T.A. Elgohary, L. Dong, J.L. Junkins and S.N. Atluri

The paper can be downloaded freely at:

Homogenization - If materials in the model are isotropic, is it possible to get truly anisotropic resulting material?


I read that "In general, even if the materials on the micro-level are isotropic, the effective 

material can show anisotropic behavior. A general anisotropic linear elastic material 

may have twenty one independent material parameters.''


If I understand my results correctly then simple structures like ''ball in the unit cell'' result in orthotropic material.

I am a bit puzzled - what would be the simplest structure that would result in anisotropic material behaviour?

The 2nd Sandia Fracture Challenge is here!

update, 7/24/2014: The information packet ("SFC2-challenge-v5.ppt") is no longer attached to this post (iMechanica has a file size limit of 1 MB, so we can not attach the 6 MB file). IF YOU WOULD LIKE THE INFO PACKET, PLEASE E-MAIL ME, and copy Dr. Sharlotte Kramer, If you have an older version of the information packet, please also e-mail for the newest (v5) info packet.

We intend to send the shear calibration data to all those whose e-mail address I have by August 1st (sorry for the delay!).

Drawing a 2D sketch on XZ plane in ABAQUS!

Hello All,

I am trying to make a 2D shell layer on XZ plane. To capture buckling of shell layer with 3-point bending load, I am required to model a 2D sketch on XZ plane. Modeling this way I can use shell elements' bending degrees of freedom. But ABAQUS always pick defauly XY plane to start with. 

Does anyone know how to draw a sketch on XZ plane?


Jay Patel 

Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Letters, Volume 4, Issue 3, 2014 is online now!

Dear everyone,

The third issue in 2014 (Volume 4, Issue 3) of Theoretical and Applied Mehcanic Letters (TAML) is now online.

Welcome to this young journal for rapid publication of your exciting results. Smile


J-integral contour path in ABAQUS

I have calculated the J-integral using ABAQUS for 5 contours but I could not find any information about the paths of the J-integral contours. Do you know how we can get the paths of the requested J-integral contours or equivalently how we can define the paths of contours in ABAQUS? 


Call for Abstract: Symposium XX: Bridging Scales in Heterogeneous Materials at 2014 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit (Nov 30 - Dec 5)

Dear colleagues,

You are cordially invited to submit an abstract to Symposium XX: Bridging Scales in Heterogeneous Materials at the 2014 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit, to be held
November 30 - December 5, 2014, in Boston, Massachusetts.

SES Annual Technical Meeting

Dear all,

The following minsymposium organized as part of the upcoming SES meeting [Oct 1- 3 (2014) at Purdue University] may be of interest to you:

Looking forward to your contributions.

All the best,



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