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interaction of stress intensity factor for perpendicular cracks

hai friends,

me doing engineering design... my project tite is "interaction of stress intensity factor for perpendicular cracks" this is y final yr project....pls guide me finding problem & knowing about the fracture mechanics and the purpose of stress intenssity factor..i really need the ansys analysis procedure for creating perpendicular cracks... pls help me friends ...send some link or web page ..

 PLS send details to my mail id  

contact no: 8015180689

thank you!!

Postdoc position in AICT of Seoul National University

Applications are invited for the position of postdoctoral fellow in the area of computational biology, biomechanics, biophysics and rheology. A Ph.D. degree with relevant research experience in the following areas will be preferred:

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How to get stiffness matrix from Abaqus using python??

Dear All:

I want to extract stiffness matrix from my model. For this, I added these lines to my input file:

*STEP, name=exportmatrix

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Postdoc position at Northeastern: Cellular structures, Soft Matter, and Biomimetic materials and structures

A postdoctoral fellow position at Northeastern University is available immediately, focused on the analysis of the nonlinear behavior of soft matter using computational mechanics and the development and analysis of active cellular structures, and biomimetic materials. The research will be carried out at the High Performance Materials and Structures Laboratory (

Looking for a postdoctoral position

Dear iMechanica members,

I am looking for a postdoctoral position to work in an experimental lab mainly focused on fuctional polymer material (like- hydrogels, composities etc.) synthesis.

Currently, I am working as as postdoc at UNC-CH to reveal the physical properties of living polymer material mucins/mucs.

I have completed successfully my PhD from the University of Hokkaido, Japan under the supervision of Professor JP Gong.

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Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Mechanical Engineering at Villanova University (in Philadelphia)

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Villanova University has an opening for a tenure-track position in the area of advanced manufacturing.  We are seeking to hire an outstanding individual with strong fundamentals.  Areas of interest include small-scale manufacturing, additive manufacturing, and advanced materials design, synthesis, and processing.  The primary responsibilities are to develop a vibrant research program and to teach undergraduate and graduate courses.   Required are a Ph.D.

Obtaining Contact Results in ABAQUS Subroutine

I just found a utility routine in ABAQUS (GETVRMAVGATNODE) functioned to obtain contact information (e.g. contact pressure) detailed as follows:

Two PhD Positions available


Multiscale material design group  in SUNY at StonyBrook is looking for two qualified candidates pursuing PhD degree starting Winter 2015  or Fall 2015.

One position is on multi-scale simulations ( first principles, MD, FEA) and conducting experiments on compoistes materials

One position is  on developing new ultrasonic method for nondestructive evaluation for simulations and tests on navel composites materials

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Increase accuracy in calculating of strain energy in composite model (Abaqus)

<p>Hello guys</p>
<p>I want to increase my accuracy in calculating strain energy for whol model in a simple composite under static load.</p>
<p>please suggest some methods for increasing my accuracy to achieve a dramatically result.</p>
<p>If someone know about this issue please leave your email for sending my file .</p>
<p>Unlucky my file has a giant size and I cant upload it in this part.</p>
<p>please help me</p>

3 year Ph.D. Fellowship Positions Available at University of Connecticut

Fellowship Positions are available for U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents who have completed a Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Civil Engineering or a related field and wish to pursue Ph.D. degree in Civil Engineering from Spring 2015 (preferred) or Fall 2015. Three-year stipends with up to $32,000 per year will be provided depending on a student’s financial need. A full tuition waiver and health benefits are also included.

imperfection of the shape of sinusodial half waves in ABAQUS

Dear all,

I want to apply an imperfection of the shape of sinusodial half waves to the plate in ABAQUS.

Your help and comments are greatly appreciated.



Questions about stresses distribution in pin-loaded orthotropic plates

Dear all,

I am now reading a paper about the stress distribution in pin-loaded orthotropic plates.

The paper 'Contact stresses in pin-loaded orthotropic plates' is written by Prof. M.W. Hyer.

In this paper, the stresses on the boundary of the hole in the plate are given by a complex Fourier series with unknown coefficietns Ak. The unknown coefficients Ak's are determined by a system of algebraic equations: [C]*{A}={B}. A collocation procedure is needed to construct the square matrix [C].

Tenure-Track Faculty Position in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT invites applications for a tenure-track faculty position with a start date of September 1, 2015 or thereafter.   The department is conducting a search for exceptional candidates with a strong background in any discipline related to Aerospace Engineering, broadly defined.   We are seeking highly qualified candidates with a commitment to research and education.   Faculty duties include teaching at the graduate and undergraduate levels, advising students, and conducting research.

could someone tell what should I do to run Abaqus job in High Performance Computing (HPC) systems?

I want to run a job file with Abaqus 6.14-1 Software in HPC system but we did not install Abaqus in our cluster before and I do not know how can I sure about the proper installation. I prefer to run Abaqus graphically but if it is not able, we can do it by .inp file.

the system is CentOs 6.5, 60 node that every node has 4 cpus and every cpu has 4 Gb RAM.I search in the internet but I can not find a step by step guide that explain the procedure of parallelization. 

Damage model for soft polymer

Hi all,

I'm working on modelling of adhesive joint using soft polymer adhesive types.

Can anyone suggest what are suitable damage mnodel for soft polymer.

I'm using Abaqus FE software version 6.12

Probing the intermediate states between rolling-up and wrinkling thin films

Self-positioned nanomembranes such as rolled-up tubes and wrinkled thin films have been potential systems for a variety of applications and basic studies on elastic properties of nanometer-thick systems. Although there is a clear driving force towards elastic energy minimization in each system, the exploration of intermediate states where specific characteristics could be chosen by a slight modification of a processing parameter had not been experimentally realized.

In SPH method, does it need fracture criterion?

In abaqus ,  there is an example for SPH. It can be obtained by:

abaqus fetch job=ver_prc_projectileimpact.inp

There are two fracute criterion in this file.

But even both of them are removed, the simulation results are similar.


In SPH method, does it need fracture criterion?


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Is anyone familiar with the use of yield strength in creep zone?

I was going through some literature on AUSC steam turbine (operating temperature 700 deg C). In many of the papers i have seen that 400 MPa yield strength at operating temperature was used as material selection criteria for turbine rotor. At the same time some people are using Alloy 617 for same application, for which creep rupture is quite high (around 137MPa at 700 deg C) at operating temperature but yield strength is around 200 MPa.

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Two Ph.D. positions available at University of Houston

Two Ph.D. positions in the general area of mechanics are currently available in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at University of Houston.

Applicants should possess an MS degree in civil, mechanical, or other related engineering field at the time of enrollment at University of Houston. A strong background in continuum mechanics is required.

Call for Abstracts; EMI 2015 Stanford

Dear colleagues,

I invite you to submit an abstract to the following minisymposium: Modeling and Characterization of Nanocomposites and Molecular Heterostructures as part of the Engineering Mechanics Institute annual conference at Stanford University.


Best Regards,

Steven Cranford

Northeastern University


MS 12: Modeling and Characterization of Nanocomposites and Molecular Heterostructures

ANSA or Hypermesh

Hi all

I am using Hypermesh for modelling a simulation model for automtorive structure.

But I dont understand which is better for my usage.

I need to make 1.Geometry cleanup 2.Mesh (2D & 3D) 3.also setup for some type of analysis (ex: strength,Crash)

Which will be beter for above operations.


thermal analysis of welding.


I am doing my thesis in finite element analysis of butt welding process. please suggest me which is easier to use ANSY or ABAQUS, As it dealt with moving heat source and other mechanical model.


Abaqus Standard/CFD

Hi, I'm trying to solve a problem with heat transfer and fluid. When I co-execute heat transfer model and CFD model, the following error is encountered "An unrecoverable error has been encountered with the co-simulation engine".

Can anyone help me solving this error?

Gratefull for your attention.


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