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Postdoc position at the department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Western University, Canada

Dr. Liying Jiang ( at the University of Western Ontario is recruiting postdocs and graduate students, at both MESc and PhD levels.  Priority will be given to students with Solid Mechanics background. Please send your CV with your transcripts to her by email: 

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Recent work "Self-Assembly of Islands on Spherical Substrates by Surface Instability"

Through strain-induced morphological instability, protruding patterns of roughly commensurate nanostructures are self-assembled on the surface of spherical core/shell systems. A three-dimensional (3D) phase field model is established for a closed substrate. We investigate both numerically and analytically the kinetics of the morphological evolution, from grooves to separated islands, which are sensitive to substrate curvature, misfit strain, and modulus ratio between the core and shell.

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Final announcement Summer school Mechanics for the green economy

Organizers invite to attend the summer school 

Mechanics for the green economy: Modeling and High Performance Computing in  multi-scale and multi-physics processes.

Brescia and Trento, Italy,  19-25 July 2017.


Fellowship deadline is Sunday, May 7. Registration deadline July 1, 2017.


Prof. W. Bangerth, Colorado State University, USA

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Key Advantages of 3D Inverse Design in Turbomachinery Design Process Tweet

Key Advantages of 3D Inverse Design in Turbomachinery Design ProcessMany turbomachinery manufacturers are facing very common commercial drivers such as:

Permanent position at UKAEA, Engineering Analysis Group

 Do you want to help shape the future of the world`s energy? Nuclear fusion, the process that powers The Sun, can play a big part in our carbon-free energy future. The Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE) is part of the UK Atomic Energy Authority and is one of the world`s leading fusion research laboratories. Our scientists and engineers are working with partners around the globe to develop fusion as a new source of clean energy for tomorrow`s power stations.

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PhD position in Theoretical Mechanics of High Performance (bio)Materials

Our Group of High Performance Materials in Enviormental & Civil Engineering Department at Michigan State University has an openings for PhD positions to work on Multiscale Modeling of Soft Materials starting Fall 2017.


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PhD opening in theoretical modeling and computer simulation of cell and tissue mechanobiology

Mechanics fundamentally governs the way cells and tissues adopt their functional shapes, the way they resist stresses, and the way they move, individually or collectively. In turn, mechanical forces critically influence cell behavior. Over the last decade, the field of mechanobiology has emerged, emphasizing the tight interplay between mechanics and biological function.

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The surface-forming energy release rate versus the local energy release rate

In our just published paper, we identify two ways to extract the energy (or power) flowing into a crack tip during propagation based on the power balance of areas enclosed by a stationary contour and a comoving contour. It is very interesting to find a contradiction that two corresponding energy release rates (ERRs), a surface-forming ERR and a local ERR, are different when stress singularity exists at a crack tip. Besides a rigorous mathematical interpretation, we deduce that the stress singularity leads to an accompanying kinetic energy at the crack tip.

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In vitro fibrillogenesis of tropocollagen type III in collagen type I affects its relative fibrillar topology and mechanics

Tropocollagen types I and III were simultaneously fibrilized in vitro, and the differences between the geometric and mechanical properties of the heterotypic fibrils with different mixing ratios of tropocollagen III to I were investigated. Transmission electron microscopy was used to confirm the simultaneous presence of both tropocollagen types within the heterotypic fibrils. The incorporation of collagen III in I caused the fibrils to be thinner with a shorter D-banding than pure collagen I.

Crowned Spur Gear Model in Abaqus

I have made a preliminary crowned spur gear model but i have great difficulty in controlling the geometrical dimensions. require expert's suggestion on this modelling using script...

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Design of a Propeller Fan using 3D Inverse Design Method and CFD for High Efficiency and Low Aerodynamic Noise

Three-dimensional inverse design method, where the 3D blade profile is designed for a specified blade loading distribution, has been applied for designing a propeller fan rotor with high efficiency and low noise.

Simpleware NURBS Webinar, May 24th & May 25th

Register: Wednesday, May 24th, 2017 - 9:00 am PDT (West Coast) / 12:00 pm EDT (East Coast) / 5:00 pm BST (UK) / 6:00 pm CEST (Europe)

introducing pressure in a mass diffusion step (abaqus)



i want to introduce a pressure  in a mass diffusion step.

 i have a flow with some velocity absorbed by a composite material


any help is appreciated



How to measure hydroxyl radical concentration (airborne)?

Dear engineers and scientists,


Measuring and artificially producing hydroxyl radicals is relatively new research with great challenges due to short half life. I have asked this question on many forums to gather as much information as I can and my question is:


How can we measure hydroxyl radical concentration? I am only interested in airborne concentration, hydroxyls in water and cells are not relevant to my research.


Also there are few articles mentioned every time in these type of discussions and they are:

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Post-Doctoral Associate/Research Scientist Position in Advanced Materials at Rice University


Position Description: 

A postdoctoral associate/research scientist position in the area of advanced synthesis and characterization of materials and nanocomposites is available at Rice University. The successful candidates will work in a highly inter-disciplinary and stimulating environment.


Job Duties and Responsibilities: 

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Two Ph.D. positions in phase-field modeling or machine learning at the Arizona State University, Tempe

There are 2 openings for Ph.D. students in the School for Engineering of Matter, Transport & Energy at the Arizona State University. ASU has been ranked (#1) as the most innovative school by U.S. News for making rapid improvements in terms of curriculum, faculty, students, campus life, technology, and facilities. The Materials Science and Engineering program at ASU is one of the most respected programs in the United States (

Cohesive elements in Abaqus, emplementation or using the existing?

Good mourning everybody, i need to use cohesive element in an FE analysis using the FE code Abaqus, i'll attach a figure in which i'll show the cohesive low (that is a trapezoidal chape cohesive low) i want to use since a similar form i use in another study using an analytical method based on the integral equation approach, the cohesive from is inspired from the well known Dugdale Model this simple model can be easily used and incorporated in an analytical method, my quation is shall i implement this cohesive trapezoidal from via a user element subroutine or use an existing cohesive model i

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Seeking a PhD position for Material Mechanics

Hi All,

I am a mechanical engineer with post-graduate qualification in materials engineering, and with 13 years of experience in the engineering design and simulation industry developing world class CAD / CAE software. I am currently on the lookout for challenging PhD positions in the materials mechanics domain where I can exercise the diversity of my skills and knowledge in a multidisciplinary environment.

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Dynamic crushing of a multi-columnar structure

Experiment realized by Daniel Levy (DFL-technion). We use a Kirana ultra high speed camera and the framing rate is 500,000/second.


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PhD positions and postdoc positions at the University of Padua, Italy

Two PhD positions and two postdoc positions are available at the University of Padua in the field of computational mechanics of materials. The work will involve building a multi-scale model to study contact, friction and lubrication.

For the PhD candidates, a Master Degree is required. Experience with programming is a requirement for PhD as well as postdoctoral applicants. Experience with dislocation dynamics and/or molecular dynamics simulations is appreciated.

PhD student and Postdoc positions at Arizona State University

Postdoc and PhD student positions are available at Arizona State University. Research background in at least one of the following areas is preferred.

1. Prognostics for fatigue and fracture

2. Probabilistic methods and reliability

3. Data analytics

4. Inverse problem and optimization

5. Dynamic system and network modeling

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Internship Announcement


Title: Structural FEA Intern

Category: Internship in Industry

Employer: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Location: Sugar Land, TX, USA

Opening Date: 04/27/2017



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