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Where to get software to make a screen cast

First of all, you might ask what is a screen cast? Well a screen cast is a video of your computer screen. Below is an example of what a screen cast is.  


Question: calculate normal to a parabola



I need advice on how to calculate the coordinates of a vector normal to a parabola section. The parabola is defined by 3 points on a plane: (x1,y1), (x2,y2), (x3,y3). I need to calculate the coordinates of the end point of the normal vector with the starting point (x2,y2) and a precribed magnitude A.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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Workshop on In situ Methods in Nanomechanics

Announcing a special workshop to be held at LBL, Berkeley, CA, Aug 1-3, 2007

Dear Colleagues:

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"Students Turn"

Here is a hot topic" Overlaps in our knowledge structures " on iMechanica for all of the students!! This belongs to how students iMechanica can be developed or how students can improve it! Please read the comments and let the others know your ideas about this developements. You will find some suggestions there also. With all students ideas collected, there will be a solution to improve current situation for students section.

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Metal cutting

I am in the industry of Metal cutting, about Truning, milling, drilling... Mainly on solid carbide now. But new CBN, cermetal, ceramic are also great complementarities.

Hope I can join you and discuss about new tec in this field



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Can iMechanica replace mechanical seminars in the future?

Reading the article, future role of iMechanica (node/908) posted by Teng (user/10), I am thinking that iMechanica may replace mechanical seminars, lectures conducted by invited mechanicians, in the future.

Academic seminars have several functions: first, to exchange information; second, to build up connections.

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New category for open source codes

Update: An Open Source Review page has been created. Please feel free to leave links, codes and comments on the page. 

Dear Mechanicians,

I have seen that there is lot of code sharing among the mechanicians at iMechanica; a search for the word "code" for example produces nearly fifty entries, of which, I believe, at least half of the posts are pointers to codes and their sharing.

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Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) in Computational Science Workshop

I would like to inform you that the Computational Science and Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is organizing a workshop on Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) in Computational Science on June 11-12, 2007. There is no registration fee for this workshop !!!

Please visit:

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"Theoretical and Applied Mechanics" - An international journal of the Serbian Society of Mechanics.

The following is a link to the journal "Theoretical and Applied Mechanics," an international journal of the Serbian Society of Mechanics, founded in 1980 in former Yugoslavia:

The attached pdf file is the editor invitation for the manuscript submission.



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Overlaps in our knowledge structures

Each one of us developed his own knowledge structure. After graduation we followed different research interests, took different projects, and adopted different approaches, analytical, numerical, or experimental. Therefore the knowledge structure is unique for every person, coming from his/her education background and scientific experiences.

There are several levels for the overlapping in our knowledge structure.

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North American Workshop on Applications of the Physics of Porous Media

The 7th North American Workshop on Applications of the Physics of Porous Media will be held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, November 2-6, 2007. This will be the 7th biennial meeting of researchers around the world who are interested in the phenomena associated with physics of fluid flow and deformation in porous media and its applications to a broad range of basic roblems encountered in geophysics, geomechanics, medical physics, and condensed matter physics.

Full details are available at the website:

Isochromatic of Mode II Crack Tip Stress Field

I am looking for a high resolution isochromatic photograph showing the
Mode II stress field around a stationary crack.  Any help on

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Strain Gradient Plasticity

Recently, there have been many strain gradient theories that are used for the interpretation of size effect at the micron and submicron length scales. The basic idea of these theories is the introduction of a first, or second (or both) gradients of strain or any internal state variable in the governing equations of classical theories.

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iMechanica has just upgraded to Drupal 5. Any issues?

After testing for some time, Lesley Lam has just upgraded iMechanica to Drupal 5.  She has tried to make every function exactly the same as before, so that users should not see any abrupt changes.  If you do find any unfamiliar behavior of the new version, please leave a comment below.

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Research Scientist Positions at the Institute of High Performance Computing, Singapore

The Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC), a member of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) in Singapore, invites applications for eight available positions for research scientists in the field of theoretical and computational mechanics and materials science. These positions are connected to the A*STAR-sponsored Visiting Investigator Program (VIP) with Prof. Huajian Gao from Brown University as the Principle Investigator.

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I am looking for a research position in the field of Computational Science.

I am looking for a teaching, research or IT position in New York City or around.

Dr. Vasiliy S. Znamenskiy

Method of Manufactured Solutions

Nowadays, we often use the tools of computational analysis in engineering design. For the results of such analyses to be believable, the tools that are used have to pass rigorous tests. There are two categories of tests involved:

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Modeling of explosive detonation

Advanced modeling of detonation dynamics in energetic materials and explosive systems
Stewart, D. Scott
American Physical Society, 59th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics, November 19-21, 2006

Community Standards for iMechanica

As a moderator here on iMechanica, I have deleted a few posts recently that were clearly spam. As iMechanica grows and becomes more visible within the mechanics community and the broader internet community, we can expect the frequency of these kinds of posts to increase.

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Hugoniot equation

The Rankine-Hugoniot equation governs the behaviour of shock waves (node/1245#comment-2327) normal to the oncoming flow.


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