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looking for postdoc position in energe storage field

I'm looking for postdoc or engineering position in energy storage or power source area (development of supercapacitors, lithium-ion batteries, etc.), where I could apply my knowledge as well as many-years hands-on experience in electrochemistry, materials science and chemical engineering.

sound propagation simulation in abaqus challenge

Dear friends,

           I am simulating sound propagation in mild steel.

frequency=5MHz mesh size=0.5mm

time incriment of wave amplitude=1e-9

instead of giving force at a node i have given boundry displacement



instead of showing sound propagation, my entire specimen(mild steel with 15 mm thickness) deflecting like a wave.I would like to know 1)what is the reason for that deflection?

2)what may be the possible solution?

How to model the Torsion of a bar in abaqus with displacement control?


I have a bar with an analytical rigid surface attached at the free end with a RP at the centre of it. I am applying a rotational BC of UR3 = 0.017 (1 deg) with respect to the Z axis, but the resulting rotation at the end of the bar is more than 1 degree. Any idea why? Or how to have a full control of the twist of the bar? Also the bar deforms in shape where the end at which the twist is applied expands, making this cross-section bigger (clearly no the deformation expect for torsion). Input file attached in a word doc. 

abaqus restart problem

Hi all,

    I've been facing a very strange problem now when I'm using abaqus to finish RVE multiscaling simulation: so far, what I've done is successfully  linking fortran and abaqus to run the whole calculation. At first, I met a small problem--- overwrite the old files(y/n)?---which has been solved by adding a "abaqus_v6.env" file whose content is as follows in the abaqus working direction:


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1st International Symposium on Theoretical, Experimental, and Computational Mechanics (TECM)

TECM is a premier interdisciplinary session for the presentation of new advances and research

results in the fields of Theoretical, Experimental, and Computational Mechanics, i.e.

computational fluid mechanics, computational solid mechanics, computational heat transfer,

experimental fluid dynamics, and combining them with real life industrial applications. The

session will bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and scholars in the domain

of interest from around the world.

ICCM 2015 MS on Structural Control and Health Monitoring, July, Auckland,New Zealand

A  Mini-Symposium on


Organized by

Chao  Xu

School  of Astronautics, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China

Geoff  Chase, Geoff Rodgers and Chris Pretty

Department  of Mechanical Engineering, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

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PhD position in the area of atomistic-based modelling of polymer composite degradation

Applications are invited for one PhD position (4 years) in the area of atomistic-based modelling of polymer composite degradation at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.

The successful applicant will work with Dr. Angelo Simone (Computational Mechanics of Materials Group) and Prof. Barend Thijsse (Virtual Materials and Mechanics Group) on a project funded by the Technology Foundation STW through the High Tech Materials program. The position is to commence in spring/summer 2015 or as soon as possible thereafter.

GPU Technology Conference 2015

This year's talks are now at

A large number of interesting talks from the 2014 conference can be found at

There is even one talk on structural mechanics in the 2014 conf.


-- Biswajit

Residual stress simulation by Deform-2D

Hi every one,I'm doing the prediction of residual stresses using Deform-2D (orthogonal cutting) and I have a problem in axial component  I found its value is very large.Have any one already did a work like this and if yes can anyone give me more details about the unloading phase: removing the tool from machined surface, cooling phase, boundary conditions applied during these steps etc..Thanks

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XVIII International Colloquium on Mechanical Fatigue of Metals (ICMFM XVIII) - First announcement

Dear Colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to announce the XVIII International Colloquium on Mechanical Fatigue of Metals (ICMFM XVIII), which will take place at the Universidad Laboral in Gijón (Spain), the 5th, 6th and 7th of September of 2016. The event will be organized by the Engineering School of the University of Oviedo.

Postdoctoral position at the Center for Modeling, Simulation and Imaging in Medicine at RPI

The Center for Modeling, Simulation and Imaging in Medicine (CeMSIM) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, USA invites applications for a postdoctoral researcher to work on an exciting new project to develop patient specific computational models of soft biological tissues interacting with radiofrequency electric current. Of particular interest are candidates with strong background in soft tissue experimentation and computational modeling using the finite element method. There is an added opportunity to identify and develop new research agenda, technical challenges and funding opportunities as well as supervise and mentor assigned graduate students and research staff at the Center.

ME PhD position @ University of Oklahoma

Two Ph.D. positions starting from Fall 2015 are available in Dr. Yingtao Liu's group in School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, USA. The successful candidates will work on functional composites, smart materials, and structural health monitoring/prognostics. If interested, please send your CV/resume, transcripts, GRE and TOEFL scores, publications and any other information that you believe is useful for your application in one email to

CEL Abaqus 6.13 impact test Solid-Water-Sand

Hi to everyone ,


I am modelling an impact problem in Abaqus6.13. The problem is all about a jack-up leg impact on seabed. I have modeled a spudcan and tank setup according to the specification of a prototype which we created in our institute. According to the problem the  impact takes place under water and creates some normal force. I compared the software results and  experimental results. I came to observe a large impact force in the software results which is no way near to my experimental results. 


Postdoctoral Fellow in Cardiac Biomechanics and FEA at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center

The Cardiac Biomechanics Laboratory at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center (UCSF) Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery and San Francisco VA Medical Center is seeking a hard working, motivated post-doctoral fellow to participate in biomedical engineering research involving the ascending thoracic aortic aneurysms (aTAA).  The post-doctoral fellow should be motivated to be on a career track to become an academic professor.  Our lab is NIH funded to investigate the biomechanics of aortic aneurysms.  The goals are to determine aneurysm aortic wall stress in relationship to an

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I have a three freedom vibrational system that has complex eigen values . I want to earn natural frequencyes it with Ansys .analytic solution system is condition space method(General Damping). In Ansys after choice Modal property in Analysis Taype,I choiced block lanczos as solution method but responses don't agree with analytic solution!! I used from Reduce,Damping,QR Damping as solution method too but natural frequencyes don't agree with analytic solution again. subspace property doesn,t exist among propertyes so I 

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Deriving the jacobian matrix for the Hill criterion

Hello all, 

I am a beginner in UMAT implementation. I want to implement a Umat soubroutine for a kinematic hardening model using Hill's yield criterion. However, after looking in different courses and books, I remarked that the jacobian matrix derivation steps from the constitutive equations are not explicitaly defined.

Can anyone help me to understand this derivation step so that I can apply it for the Hill's criterion ?

Thank you in advance,


How to make a link between Abaqus and Fortran

Hi mates

I am trying to make a link between Abaqus and Fortran. I faced a problem and have tried whatever recommended on the internet. But there is still something wrong!

I would really appreciate it if you could let me know your idea on how to resolve the problem. The error reported by "abaqus verify -user_std" has been brought, below. In fact, all requirements were recognized but at the end it is written that "Abaqus did not complete successfully".

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Postdoctoral position in mechanobiology, Buffalo, New York

One postdoctoral position will be available in Fall, 2015 in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the State University of New York at Buffalo (SUNY). The research area will focus on using bio-MEMS techniques to create novel cell culture platforms for cell mechanics and mechanobiological studies. Projects may involve studies of the fibrosis diseases, cancer invasion and stem cell differentiation. Some research topics can be found on our website at

On Improving the Celebrated Paris’ Power Law for Fatigue, by Using Moving Least Squares

In this study, we propose to approximate the a-n relation as well as
the da/dn-ΔK relation, in fatigue crack propagation, by using the Moving Least
Squares (MLS) method. This simple approach can avoid the internal inconsistencies
caused by the celebrated Paris’ power law approximation of the da/dn-ΔK
relation, as well as the error caused by a simple numerical differentiation of the
noisy data for a-n measurements in standard fatigue tests. Efficient, accurate and
automatic simulations of fatigue crack propagation can, in general, be realized by

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Teaching Faculty Position

 The Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MIE) Department at Northeastern University is seeking outstanding individuals to fill two non-tenure-track teaching faculty positions (i.e. Academic Specialists).  One position is in the area of mechanics and/or mechatronics whereas the other is in industrial engineering.


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