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Comments made at “Mechanics, Education and Research Universities: Perspective for the 21st Century”

Comments made at a symposium to celebrate Choon Fong Shih on the occasion of his 70th birthday, held at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 200 Beacon Street, MA

Professor Da Hsuan Feng, Director of Global Affairs and Special Advisor to Rector, University of Macau

Two postdoc positions at Singapore University of Technology and Design

Our group has postdoctoral position openings supported by Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)-Digital Manufacturing and Design (DManD) Centre for the projects of design and fabrication of soft robotics, and nano/micro fabrication.

We are seeking self-motivated postdoctoral researchers with a strong background on solid mechanics and FEA simulation, and hands-on experience in advanced manufacturing, 3D/4D printing, material preparation and characterization.

change name variable

Hi friends;

I want to change name variable in a do loops in apdl ansys and have arrays with different index(A1,A2,....). but I don't know how should do it. please help me.


inverse of matrix

Hi everybody;

I want to compute inverse of matrix in apdl ansys, but I don't know how should do it? please help me.



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PhD Studentship at University of Strathclyde, Glasgow,UK in the Area of Peridynamics

Applications are invited for a PhD studentship on PERIDYNAMIC MODELLING in the Department of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Marine Engineering at the University of Strathclyde under the supervision of Dr Julia Race and Dr Selda Oterkus.


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Polymer constitutive modelling: Formulation and computational aspects

  • This work formulates an elasto-viscoplastic model at finite strains.
  • A particularly efficient numerical integration algorithm is presented.
  • A closed-form analytical expression is derived for the consistent tangent operator.
  • The non-linear behaviour of polymers is captured in the numerical examples.
  • Quadratic rate of convergence is successfully achieved.
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Computational Biomechanics of a Subject-specific Brain: Postdoctoral Fellowship at The Johns Hopkins University

A Postdoctoral Fellowship is available at The Johns Hopkins University, Whiting School of Engineering, in the area of Computational Brain Biomechanics under accelerative conditions. The goals include modeling the dynamic response of the brain and modeling subject-to-subject variability. The approach will develop computational head model using finite element method, considering advanced mathematical and computational techniques and up-to-date mechanics-based understanding of the brain biomechanics.

Mechanics, Education and Research Universities: Perspectives for the 21st Century

A Symposium to celebrate Choon Fong Shih on the occasion of his 70th birthday

Group photo I, Group photo II

11 May 2016, 5pm-7pm.  Reception at the Harvard Faculty Club (20 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA 02138)

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PhD and Postdoc Fellowships in Rock Mechanics at Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris France

The Rock Mechanics group at the laboratoire de Géologie of Ecole Normale Supérieure, in Paris France, is opening the following three positions:

Webinar: Human Body Models from Simpleware, June 1st 2016

Human Body Models from Simpleware


Wednesday, June 1, 2016 

This webinar is offered several times. Select the time that works best for you.

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Applying a moving pressure and traction in Abaqus

Hello all,

I have applied a moving ellyptical hertzian pressure load on a surface using a DLOAD which works, but I also need the traction load which is the multiplication of this pressure with a friction coeffcient.

Does anybody have any clue how to do it? Directly through abaqus or inside the same DLOAD?


Kind regards,


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JDBM Vol 2 Iss 2 out now!

Journal of Dynamic Behavior of Materials Vol 2 Iss 2 now available for free online.  Check it out at  Consider publishing you exciting work in the field of high strain rate and shock loading of materials in JDBM today.

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Geometry and mechanics of thin growing bilayers

Matteo Pezzulla, Gabriel P. Smith, Paola Nardinocchi, and Douglas P. Holmes, Soft Matter, 12, 4435-4442, (2016).


delete an element set from abaqus *inp file

Hi every body,

I need to delete an arbitrary set of elemets in abaqus *.inp file before analysis running.

I tried to remove elements with this command in inp file-> (*Model Change, remove), But it does not work. may be because the model is 3D. (a tube)

Is there any way to delete a set of elemets in inp file? or I should write a python script for that?


I appreciate any hints on this problem of mine.

Thank you in advance.

PhD position at UBC (Vancouver)

There is a fully funded PhD opportunity in my lab  on the topic of phonon transport in nanostructured materials. Strong background in computational tools (MD, FE, and MATLAB) and elastodynamics/wave propagation is essential.  Applications are sought from very strong and motivated gradaute students intending to puruse PhD studies in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, UBC, Vancouver, Canada.

2016 Robert Henry Thurston Lecture

 The 2016 Robert Henry Thurston Lecture will be given by Romesh C. Batra, Virginia Tech during the ASME Mechanical Engineering & Exposition, November 11-17 at the Phoenix Convention Center.

2016 Robert Henry Thurston Lecture

 The 2016 Robert Henry Thurston Lecture will be given by Romesh C. Batra, Virginia Tech during the ASME Mechanical Engineering & Exposition, November 11-17 at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Looking for a postdoc position.

My research interests are mainly focus on Structures and mechanical behavior, Small scale mechanics, In-situ TEM of Metallic Glasses/Nanostructured materials.And I am proficient in different testing instruments: in-situ TEM/SEM, FIB (preparation of pillars/TEM sample for mechanical testing/TEM foils), Instrumented nanoindentation, Integrated mechanical testing machine, XRD, DSC, etc.

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New 2016 PhD call at IMT Lucca on cyberphysical systems and computational mechanics

The International 2016 call for PhD applications at IMT Lucca (Italy) is now open!


Applicants may apply online at:


For people interested in computational mechanics, please select the CSSE Track and specify MUSAM as the research unit to be enrolled in.


Postdoc position - wave dynamics/metamaterials

We are seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral fellow in the fields of mechanical engineering for a duration of 12 months in the wave dynamic lab ( at Beijing Institute of Technology in China. Any candidates with strong experience in wave dynamics of periodic structures, metamaterials and soft structures are welcome. Gross salary 30,000USD annually. 


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