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Job Opportunity with SunEdison - Research Scientist, Solar Materials R&D

SunEdison Inc. provides innovative silicon based solar energy solutions around the globe. We specialize in the production of polysilicon, silicon wafers, solar modules, and provide solar energy services that integrate the design, installation, financing, monitoring, operation, and maintenance portions of the downstream solar market. SunEdison is a vertically integrated company that seamlessly combines solar materials with our energy services business. SunEdison's solar manufacturing primarily involves Czochralski growth of silicon single crystals, mechanical slicing of silicon crystals into wafers and production of high output solar modules.

modelling and analysing the laminated composites in ANSYS 14.5

I WANT TO find the flexural strength of laminated composites after it is subjected to cyclic loading

i have to use the output of the cyclic loading as the input to find the strength

i want to know the procedure for that

please help me out



Transient Dynamic Analysis of Clamped Clamped Laminated Cylindrical Shell

Dear friends,

I am trying to find thife transient dynamics response of clamped clamped laminated cylindrical shell subjected to Radial impulsive load. I am getting very irregular response using Newmark Integration scheme. But, using HHT-alpha method, high frequency noise from the response gets removed, but damping is intrdoced (Numerical Damping). Although i have not introduced and damping in my model. How to overcome this problem.

I need help in this regard.


Faculty openings at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

The Department of Aerospace Engineering at IIT, Madras seeks to fill Assistant and Associate Professor vacancies in specialisations related to  Structural Mechanics, Aerodynamics, Design and Flight Control.  For full details, please visit  Application deadline: 21 March, 2014.

Post doc: Buckling in soft polymeric materials

A post-doctoral position is available in the lab of Sachin Velankar at the University of Pittsburgh to examine buckling instabilities in soft polymeric materials. The project is experimental, and therefore some past experimental experience with polymers is desirable. However this project requires a thorough understanding of elastic instabilities, and therefore a comprehensive grasp of mechanics is absolutely essential  – indeed more important than past experimental expertise.

Interested individuals should contact The position is for a period of 12 months.






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Hi I need a help if anyone can solve my problem please help me out. I want to use the output file of the result as a input file in ABAQUS i.e, if a apply tensile load to a model it will elongate and I need the elongated model as a input file for carrying out the next step. If anyone can pl send me the .jnl file or .inp or .cae file. I am using ABAQUS/STANDARD VERSION 6.8

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Forensics: residual stress of fractured part

I’ll present this below without the answer, in case you want to enjoy a little brain teaser. It is a solid and experimental mechanics problem that, while not terribly practical, I found very interesting:

A part fractures cleanly in two by brittle fracture (no plasticity) under the action of residual and applied stresses. You only have the broken part in front of you, no prior information.

 What were the original residual stresses on the fracture plane?

Open Position at ANSYS, Inc.

Company: ANSYS, Inc.
Position: Technical Services Engineer
Location: Irvine, CA or Lebanon, NH (somewhat flexible)

Position Summary:
The Technical Services Engineer is
responsible for providing world class assistance to ANSYS customers in
the usage of our products, as well as for leveraging our knowledge and
relationships to assist in growing our software business in line with
our corporate vision. This is a
highly diverse technical role that requires managing multiple projects
and initiatives at once while working both individually and as part of a team.

2nd International Conference on BioTribology (ICoBT2014) - Preliminary Programme Available

The ICoBT2014 preliminary programme is now available on the conference website. If you register by the 7 March early booking deadline, you will save on the standard rate.


For more information and to register, please visit 

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Competition for a post-doc position on computational mechanics now open at IMT Lucca

Dear Colleague,

this is to inform you that the research unit MUSAM "Multi-scale Analysis of Materials" ( at the IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca (Italy) has opened 1 Post-doctoral Fellow position (1 year but renewable for a maximum of 3 years in total) on Computational mechanics applied to solar energy materials, related to the ERC Starting Grant CA2PVM
( and under my supervision.

The link to the call is:

The link to the application form is:

UMAT example visualization problem



Im try running the example of abaqus verification manual (4.1.21 umatmst.f) with the uniaxal tension with mises plasticity and the input data ofhardening properties). i had successfuly running the example but the problem is::

 (i) from the (visualization) contour plot, it had shows the correct mises contour plot with the increasing of stress BUT the the plastic strain (PE) and equivalent plastic strain (PEEQ) always keep zero even i can see the deformation from the contour plot.  may i know whats the problem? i had checked the field output before running. im am not sure is the subroutine file problem orthe setting problem?


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Post-doctoral position (computational mechanics) at Rice University

Post-doctoral position available in computational mechanics at Rice University. The announcement and instructions to apply are posted at

simulate inclusion-matrix debonding under tensile load with abaqus cohesive element

Dear all:

  I want to simulate the  inclusion-matrix debonding under tensile load with abaqus cohesive element.But when I added the cohesive element around the inclusion, the stress filed was totally changed. I think it is because the stiffness of the cohesive element (K/G1/G2)was not right. Do you know how to choose it so it will not affect the stress field of the oringinal structrure? or can you give me an example? Thanks very much.

Modelling Delamination in composite material using cohesive elements

Hi All,

Basic problem in ABAQUS/CAE

I am simulating a cube of sides 10 units. I have applied the
load as pressure of 16 units at top. The cube is meshed by usign a
global seed size of 5. It means, there are 9 elements and 27 nodes
(using C3D8R). I have used the material property of steel for instance.
The base of the cube is fixed and the sides are allowed to move
vertically.  Now i want to calculate the nodal force at the centre of
the cube i.e. at the centroid of the cube (not in the centre of any of
the exterior sides). 


The question about ABAQUS element: CPS4R

The element is added displacement load in one direction, at the steptime=0, the nodal displacement is zero, and so as the integrated points' strain and stress. However, the internal force NFORC is nonzero. When we calculate internal force by ourselves, it is obtained by the integral for BT*stress. But the stress is zero, how Abaqus calculates the nonzero initial internal force?

The details can be found  in the attachment.

Abaqus Eigen Value Analysis Error


I am having issues running an Eigen value simulation on a bridge model that I have developed. The model consists of a bridge super-structure supported by pinned connections on the ends of the bridge length and a roller support in the middle.

The model runs without errors when I do not request an Eigen value analysis, but aborts when I request an Eigen analysis. The message file sites the cause as a factorization error. Warnings also appear stating a zero pivot when releasing the 1st dof of the nodes associated with the roller connection.

I have attache the .inp file of my model. Do you know what may be causing this error?




Mechanics journal impact factors 2012

Some funding agencies require that articles be published only in journals with impact factors greater than 1. Here's a list from 2012 that tells you which to choose (if you care about impact factors).
-- Biswajit


simply supported boundary condition in Ansys Autodyn

How could i apply simply supported boundary condition in Ansys Autodyn?

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Abaqus:warning message,Tangent directions used to enforced contact constraints for contact pair

Well I tried to search for a related thread and could not find one, so creating a

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