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Professor John Rogers elected to NAS

Professor John Rogers, Swanlund Chair Professor of Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, was recently elected to the National Academy of Sciences. Congratulations to John!

Here is the link to the NAS press release:

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Element delatation for Severe Plastic Deformation (SPD) process

Dear all,

I am using Abaqus/explicite. My material definition is elasto plastic with stress strain values up to strain of 15!. After borthering tries now I think if I can set "Shear Failure Criteria Element Deletation option", it is possible to avoid this error. But I cannot find this option. Could someone guide me what exactly should I do in order to add distorted element deletation option and how? (an step-by-step tutorial will be approciate)

More Explanation about process:

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Academic-track fellowships available at the University of Southampton

Up to 10 New Frontiers Fellowships, which provide structured post-doctoral career development pathways to permanent academic positions, are to be appointed in the Faculty of Engineering and the Environment, University of Southampton. Applications are invited from individuals who would strengthen any of our research themes, including Structures and Solid Mechanics, Computational Engineering, Materials and Surface Engineering, Acoustics, Geomechanics and Bioengineering.

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Doctoral Student Positions in Computational Geomechanics at UBC

Two doctoral student positions are available in the Theoretical and Applied Geomechanics group of the Civil Engineering Department at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, Canada. The successful candidates will work on various topics related to theoretical, computational, and applied geomechanics, including advanced constitutive modeling, scientific programming, and applications particularly in the area of geotechnical earthquake engineering.  A recent Master’s degree in soil mechanics or a related field is required.

Amorphous intergranular films as toughening structural features

The ability of amorphous intergranular films to mitigate damage formation at grain boundaries is studied with molecular dynamics simulations. We find that such films can alter both crack nucleation and crack growth rates by efficiently absorbing dislocations, with thicker films being more effective sinks.

simulation of sound wave propagation in abaqus

my abaqus simulation of time of flight diffraction technique not differentiating diaffracted wave and lateral wave.both gives same amplitude.what to do to gett a better result?.I am doing my work based on "shear wave TOFD by baskaran".any suggestion?

Applying time-dependent heat



im a new user of abaqus ,was wondering if anyone can help me how can i  apply a time-dependent heat to a surface?


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PhD call in Computer Science and Systems Engineering - Specialization in Computational Mechanics

The call for new PhD positions at the IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca, Italy, is open:

with deadline for online applications the 29th of June 2015.

A description of the Curriculum in Computer Science and Systems Engineering is available at:

2015 Melosh Medalist and Finalists


The Annual Robert J. Melosh Competition for the Best Student Paper in Finite Element Analysis was held last Friday, April 24, on the campus of Duke University.  

The winner of the 2015 Melosh Medal is Maurizio Chiaramonte, from Stanford University, for his paper The H-Version of the Method of Auxiliary Mapping for Higher Order Solutions of Crack Problems.”   

Maurizio was selected as the winner on the basis of both his written paper and his oral presentation.  The other finalists at the 2015 competition were:

How to get OP=MOD with Python script in Abaqus?

I have the fixed boundary conditions in the previous step. In the next step I need to modify BC. For this I use setValuesInStep in Python script, but get OP=NEW instead of OP=MOD, as I want. Any idea how to get the desired OP=MOD by using Python? Thanks in advance.

Post Doctoral Research Associate Position at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

The Scientific Computation Research Center ( at Rensselaer is seeking a highly qualified post-doctoral research associate to develop and apply automated and adaptive computational solid mechanics methods for multiple application areas with an emphasis on evolving geometry problems such as the modeling of additive manufacturing and material failure.

(σ1-σ3) VS Axial strain in abaqus

 I am modeling drained triaxial compression test. I modeled soil as cylindrical part in abaqus. Bottom part of cylinder is fixed and on top displacement is applied. I used Dynamic/explicit steps. After running model and getting .odb file, couldn't match stress strain diagram from experimental results. I don't know whether i am calculating stress in right way or not. Can anybody guide me in this regard? Advanced thanks for your reply.
How to plot (σ1-σ3) vs axial strain in Abaqus?

International Conference on Computational Methods and Simulation - ICCMS 2015

Dear sir/ma'am,


We are extremely glad to communicate that Department of Mechanical Engineering, R.V College of Engineering, Bengaluru is conducting an International Conference on Computational Methods and Simulation on 19th, 20th and 21st of August, 2015.

Elasto Plastic model for ballast material

I am new to Abaqus, and moddlling railroad ballast material in abaqus for cyclic loading. Could you please anyone let me know what is best elsto plastic model in Abaqus I can use for the ballast material.

Thank you.

viscoelastic modelling in abaqus


im a new abaqus user and i want to model a viscoelastic material (asphalt) in abaqus . i have uniaxial creep test data for characterize viscoelastic behaviour . my question is how can i enter viscoelastic parameters in abaqus?is there any way to put creep test data directely in abaqus??

in abaqus for modelling viscoelastic material in time domain there are three ways:

1)combined test data

2)shear test data

3)volumetric test data

Measuring Thermal Conductivity of Aerogels with Guarded Hot Plate Method

My question is on what basis do we decide 

1. The dimensions of the sample 
2. The dimensions of the hot and the cold plate 
3. The type of temperature detector sensors used 
4. Heating Source for the hot plate

Vacancy: Simpleware Sales Engineer Germany (DACH) Area

We are an international, fast-growing and innovative software company offering a dynamic working environment and opportunities for individual initiatives and career development. This interesting and varied position will require you to work very closely with R&D departments of a range of blue chip corporate companies, research institutions and universities.

For further expansion of our business in the German (DACH) area, we are looking for a skilled and ambitious Technical Sales Engineer.

Tasks & Responsibilities

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Hi friends;

I have a  Timoshinko beam . I want to earn natural frequencies it in Ansys But I dont khnow to in which step should dispense inertia moment and cross force . therewith I dont know to use from which menu . please help me , I need answer it immediately.

abaqus cfd/structure co-simulation

not able to edit ABAQUS/CFD 6.10 input file
the keyword for an abaqus/cfd model cannot be edited
???? any suggestion???


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