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Toward realization of computational homogenization in practice

Dear all,

I have read the article of Yuan and Jacob Fish entitled "Toward realization of computational homogenization in practice" and realize that they have published the source code they used in their paper. Unfortunately, I cannot download the code from the link that the authors provided. I wonder if any of you have downloaded the code before. If so, please kindly share the code to me.

Thanks in advance.


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What could be a challenging issue for renewable energy structural design?

Dear All,

I wonder to know what could be a challenging issue for renewable energy structural design, from solid mechanics point of view? Is there any major problem with structural design and analysis of the renewable energy structures?


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Localization and instability in sheared granular materials: Role of friction and vibration

Shear banding and stick-slip instabilities have been long observed in sheared granular materials. Yet, their microscopic underpinnings, interdependencies and variability under different loading conditions have not been fully explored. Here, we use a non-equilibrium thermodynamics model, the Shear Transformation Zone theory, to investigate the dynamics of strain localization and its connection to stability of sliding in sheared, dry, granular materials. We consider frictional and frictionless grains as well as presence and absence of acoustic vibrations.

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Objective Fracture Parameters and a Paradox for Interface Cracks

Due to the oscillatory singular stress field around a crack tip, interface fracture has some peculiar features. This paper is focused on two of them. One can be reflected by a proposed paradox that geometrically similar structures with interface cracks under similar loadings may have different failure behaviors. The other one is that the existing fracture parameters of the oscillatory singular stress field, such as a complex stress intensity factor, exhibit some nonobjectivity because their phase angle depends on an arbitrarily chosen length.

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A note on the pull-off force for a pattern of contacts distributed over a halfspace

ArticleinMeccanica · March 2017 --- We found a very simple formula for pull-off force for a pattern of contacts distributed over an halfspace which could be very useful in predicting the adhesive propreties of structured surfaces, as bioinspired surfaces.  

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PhD scholarship in Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, France

One Ph.D. position is now available starting October 2017 on harnessing instabilities in magnetorheological elastomers. The PhD will be pursued in the Solid Mechanics Laboratory of Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, France. The potential student will work on the development of new experimental procedures and numerical models for the fabrication and testing of new magnetorheological elastomeric devices that operate in the postbifurcation regime by proper combination of mechanical and magnetic loadings.

Summer school: Mechanics for the green economy

Organizers are proud to announce the International Summer school


Mechanics for the green economy: Modeling and High Performance Computing in 

multi-scale and multi-physics processes.


to be held in 


Brescia and Trento, Italy, on 19-25 July 2017.


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Masonry modeling in Abaqus

here we are to tell you how we can model masonry in abaqus cae.
there are 3 ways:
1-micro modeling
2- macro modeling
3- micro-macro modeling(HOMOGENIZATION)
micro modeling; 
in this method all parts should be modeled in abaqus separately.
but notice that don't use shell to modeling grout because of 3d properties of grout and cohesive characteristics.
this method is suitable for small masonry panels with 2-3 layers of brick.

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A simple finding on variable amplitude (Gassner) fatigue SN curves obtained using Miner’s rule for unnotched or notched specimen

We provide a very simple result for a problem which has been often neglected (variable amplitude loading) in academia, but which is of paramount importance in real engineering situations, where fatigue is almost never "constant amplitude".

We found few cases where we could check this extremely simple result, but it worked very well.  We would welcome further verifications.

The paper is in press here.

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deadline for financial aid for the CISM summer course on Mesoscale models

This is a reminder that the deadline to apply for the financial aid for the summer course in Udine is approaching:  March 22. 


Short course at Centre International de Sciences Mechanique (CISM), Udine.

May 22-26, 2017

Lecturers:  S Forest, I Groma, D McDowell, S Mesarovic, J-N Roux, H Zbib

The flyer is attached.  Register at: 

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A phononic band gap model for long bridges. The ‘Brabau’ bridge case

In this paper, we study the dynamic flexural behaviour of a long bridge, modelled as an infinite periodic structure. The analysis is applied to the ‘Brabau’ bridge across the river Tirso in Italy. The approach reduces to a spectral problem leading to the analytical expression of the dispersion relation, which provides the ranges of frequencies for which waves do and do not propagate. The contributions of the bridge structural elements on the dispersive properties of the structure are investigated in detail.

Ansys Tutorial

Composite materials are created by combining two or more layered materials, each with different properties. These materials have become a standard for products that are both light and strong. Composites provide enough flexibility so products with complex shapes, such as boat hulls and surfboards, can be easily manufactured. Engineering layered composites involves complex definitions that include numerous layers, materials, thicknesses and orientations. The engineering challenge is to predict how well the finished product will perform under real-world working conditions.




      华中科技大学位居美丽的江城武汉,是教育部直属的全国重点大学,是首批列入国家"211工程"重点建设和"985工程"建设的高校之一。华中科技大学力学系有30多年的发展历史、较为雄厚的科研力量和一些重要的科研成果。力学系拥有力学一级学科,固体力学、动力学与控制、工程力学和流体力学博士学位授予权,工程力学国家级特色专业,力学博士后流动站,湖北省重点学科,工程结构分析与安全评定湖北省重点实验室等学科平台。承办的国际期刊《Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica》被SCI收录并由Elsevier公司向全球发行。




Academic Jobs Universidad de OHiggins Chile (in Spanish), second call

El instituto de ciencias de la ingenieria de la nueva Universidad de O'Higgins invita a postular como profesores del instituto a ingenieros mecanicos o ingenieros civiles con especializacion en ingenieria mecanica, civil o matematicas aplicadas, en las areas de mecanica de solidos, diseño mecanico asistido por computador o vibraciones mecanicas. Mas informacion respecto al concurso ver la pagina web



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Sandia Fracture Challenge: Survey

The Sandia Fracture Challenge (SFC) was issued in December 2016, and the SFC supplemental information became available in February 2017.  The predictions are due July 15th, 2017.  We would appreciate feedback from you regarding the Challenge prior to the return of the predictions.   Please email Sharlotte Kramer ( and Brad Boyce ( with (1) your intent to participate in this SFC and/or (2) any comments you may have on the Challenge.

FRANC3D 7.0.7 Version Released !

FRANC3D 7.0.7 Version released with lot of new capabilities

Interested to evaluate send mail to

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Two year post-doctoral position on high strain rate deformation imaging, University of Southampton

We are currently looking for a post-doctoral researcher to join the Photo Dyn group ( The initial contract if for two years, starting October 1st 2017. The online application deadline is May 12th 2017. For more information, please see

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5th International Conference on Computational Contact Mechanics

Notice that the deadline for abstract submission has been extended to:  March 17, 2017. 




5-7 July 2017 / Lecce, Italy


Postdoctoral Fellowship in Computational Mechanics

Applications are invited for a postdoctoral fellowship attached to the South African Research Chair in Computational Mechanics.


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One PhD Position on “Atomistic Simulations and First-principles Experimental Investigations of Nanomaterials for Energy Harvesting” at Kansas State University

Applications are invited for a PhD position in atomistic simulations and first-principles experimental investigation of nanomaterials for energy harvesting in the Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering at Kansas State University. Preference will be given to candidates with a master degree. Candidates should possess a strong background in continuum mechanics, coarse-grained simulation, multiscale modeling, molecular dynamics, and computer programming.

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Funded Ph.D. position in the Department of Mechanical Engineering- Engineering Mechanics at the Michigan Technological University

We are looking for a self-motivated PhD student to study Multi-Scale Material Modeling for different material systems such as Graphene and Polymeric Materials. This position is supported by the MEEM Department at MTU. This project will draw ideas from various subjects including Computational Mechanics and Materials Physics.

The candidate would have access to the advanced computing facilities, collaborations with researchers in other universities, and experimental collaborations. 

USNCCM 2017 Abstract submission deadline extended until March 7, 2017.


Dear colleague,  We are pleased to invite you to participate in the mini-symposium entitled  


"Design, Simulation and Optimization of Complex Composite and


Complex Material Systems under Uncertainties" (MS 1106)




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Ph.D Positions Available at Missouri University of Science and Technology

Two Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) positions are available at Dr. Wu’s research group in the Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology (formerly University of Missouri at Rolla). The students will be involved in interdisciplinary researches in chemistry, physics, material science, computational and experimental mechanics.


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