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fracture energy for hashin damage evolution using Abaqus

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hi everyone,

i'm modelling the impact on the composite carbon/epoxy using Abaqus 6.9.

i have the questions:

when i use damage evolution for hashin damage criteria,  i need the values of the fracture energy: longitudinal tensile fracture energy, longitudinal compressive frecture energy, transverse tensile fracture energy, transverse compressive fracture energy. i'm suggested to use the values as 12500, 12500,2500,2500. Are these correct? i dont know how to evaluate these values. Is there any suggestions?

wait for reponse.

regard :d




It depends on the units you're using. For instance if you use mm and MPa, your fracture energy or toughness should be in kJ/m^2, in which case the toughness in longitudinal tension is ~ 100kJ/m^2 and  0.2 kJ/m^2 for transverse tension (for a typical carbon epoxy system). The measurement of these values is subject to quite some attention these days, but there is no standard yet and values are only available for a limited amount of systems. I'll suggest you read papers by Sorensen and by Pinho to get a better picture.



How to get the values of Damage evolution data in Abaqus for glass/epoxy or glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy pipes? In which publications the values could be found? handbooks? articles? reference books? Where...?? or How to calculate the values of Damage evolution data?

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Jason Zhu

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