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i m, arun sahu student of IIT mtech thesis is effect of dynamic loading on slope stability analysis in open cast mines.i hav startted my work using software ABAQUS.can i give velocity as input in abaqus?

and here i just want to give trapezoidal form of load up to 2 plz help me in these ...............


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Hi Arun try using FLAC which is more used to solve GEOTECHNICAL PROBLEMS and is much easier. You can check/contact

Hello dear friend
Taking the link is broken, I need some information about you flac software may be provided to give me

Hi Arun,

Yes you can apply velocity in abaqus as prescribed condition. Check out

  • abaqus analysis user's manual->prescribed condition ->initial condition: for initial condition definition.
  • abaqus analysis user's manual->prescribed condition ->boundary conditions: for time varying boundary condtions.

Relevent keywords:

*Initial Condtiions, Type=Velocity

*Boundary, Type=Velocity

 Abaqus has one of the best manuals, and it's the best way to learn abaqus. Hope this helps.

 P.S.: Which hall? :)



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