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the new impact factor for JAM

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The 2016 impact factor for Journal of Applied Mechanics has increased to 2.133.  This increase is mainly due to the rapid review process, which has led to significant increase of submissions (and significant decrease of the acceptance rate).  The average time for the first round of review is < 10 days, and that for the second round of review (if necessary), including both the authors' revision time and reviewers' re-review time, is < 3 weeks.  



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Wonderful!  I believe JAM will become better and better!  Thanks for your great efforts!

While review process should be given the due time it needs, some journals take unusually long time for  reviewing papers. It is great to see your committment to rapid review and get the work out where other researchers can read. I will be glad to submit any work to JAM when the opportunity arises. Thank you.

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Great news! Rapid review will attract more and more high quality papers.

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