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What‘s the timing of calling a abaqus user subroutine?

Hi all,


The question is that is there any document about the timing of calling a user subroutine in ABAUQS? (i.e., UEXTERNALDB being called at the start/end of the analysis or current incerment, UMAT being called at the start of the increment and iteration). I had a document specifying these details for almost every subroutine by attaching them on the flow chart of ABAQUS analysis, but unfortunately I lost it. I wonder if someone happens to have this document or something like this and is willing to share it. Any help would be appreciated.





it is clearly explained for each subroutine in the abaqus user subroutine documentation which can be easily downloaded from the internet. You can google the "writing user subroutine with abaqus" to find it.   

Dear afallah,


Thank you for your suggestion. What I am seeking is an overview of the calling logic of user subroutines. But, yes, the abaqus documentation is an encyclopaedia of abaqus, and I could look through it while I am waiting for the answer.


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