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Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica, Vol 24 issue 3 online now

Dear colleague,   

The third issue in 2011 (Volume 24, Issue 3) of Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica (AMSS) is now online. 

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Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica (AMSS) is devoted to publication of papers in English in all fields of solid-state mechanics and its related disciplines in science, technology, and engineering, with a balanced coverage on analytical, experimental, numerical and applied investigations. This journal has been indexed by SCI since 1995.

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Vol. 24  No. 3  2011

A thermo-plastic/viscoplastic damage model for geomaterials

Original Research Article       Authors: Hui Zhou, Dawei Hu, Fan Zhang, Jianfu Shao

Effect of damage evolution on poisson's ratio of concrete under sulfate attack

Original Research Article       Authors: Hui Song, Jiankang Chen

Modelling strain-rate-dependency of natural soft clays combined with anisotropy and destructuration

Original Research Article       Authors: Zhen-Yu Yin, Minna Karstunen

A semi-analytical method for the vibration of and sound radiation from a two-dimentional beam-stiffened plate

Original Research Article       Author: Haian Zhou, Xiaoming Wang, Yulin Mei

Three-dimensional thermoelastic analysis of functionally graded plate

Original Research Article       Authors: Wuxiang Liu, Zheng Zhong

Bending responses of an exponentially graded simply-supported elastic/viscoelastic/elastic sandwich plate

Original Research Article       Authors: A.M. Zenkour

Analytical solutions for the layered geo-materials subjected to an arbitrary point load in the cartesian coordinate

Original Research Article       Authors: Zhiguo Zhang, Zhenze Li

Micromechanics analysis for unsaturated granular soils

Original Research Article       Authors: Weihua Zhang, Chenggang Zhao

A membrane element model with bending modification for one step inverse method

Original Research Article       Authors: Jingxin Na, Jian Jiao, Yakun Yan, Haipeng Liu


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