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abaqus exec\pre.exe aborted with system error code 5.'s picture

Dear all

 I encouter this problem when I utilize finner mesh,while no such error was reported if a coarse mesh was used.

Could it be a problem of my computer's memory? But which memory exactly? (physical memory or the space for storage)

 I feel the calculation has not yet fully utilized my computer's physical memory according to the task manager. 


So, my questions are:

1. where possibly would the problem be?

2. how can i possibly address them?


Thanks in advance!






 I am not sure where the error comes from, but here are some suggestions:

1. It does not seem to me the lack of memory, otherwise standard.exe starts then stops after exceeding the memory. Anyway, if you suspect it is regarding memory, add this line to restrict ABAQUS from high memory usage:

memory = '60%'

2. To the best of my knowledge, pre,exe stops mainly when it encounters an error in reading the inp file. There should be something wrong in the file, eg. check the constraints, BCs, DOFs, etc. in case of refinement. 

3. A trick: Try to use a user subroutine (UMAT for example) and at the very beginning of the subroutine try to write a log. Then you can realize whether standard.exe can start or not.

 Hope it helps a bit!

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