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Transferring data between two parallel running abaqus analyses

I want to take the deformation gradient tensor from one analysis and use it another analysis running parallel to it. I have really no clue how to do it. Although there are methods by which you can use the RESULTS of one analysis in another analysis but I just want to use just one/two particular variables like the one I mentioned.

I really appreciate any help related to this.... 

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I have been working a lot with the Abaqus script environment. This environment provides the user to have more influence on the simulation. However, I do not know if you can exchange information between two parallel running simulations. I have some experience with running the simulations serial. For instance, with script I have used the first eigenmode of a linear buckling analysis as the imperfection of a full non-linear analysis. This can all be done by one script and just one simulation run.

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