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Analytical Fracture Mechanics

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My text, Analytical Fracture Mechanics, is back in print by Dover Publications as of November 2011.


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Is it available in India? 

Nitesh P. Yelve B.Tech.,M.Tech.,pursuing PhD at IIT Bomaby in Aerospace Engg.Dept.

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I am unsure if it is available in India.  Thank you for your interest.  DJU

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I found your book estremely valuable. Wish it gains a large success. Is it a new version, eventually enlarged?


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Thank you for your kind words.  The edition reprinted by Dover Publications in 2011 is the same reprint as published by Dover in 2001.  The Dover reprint of 2001 is a corrected copy of the original edition as published by Academic Press in 1995 with addition of an addendum containing an article that I publshed in the journal, Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics.  Sincerely, DJU.

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