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how to calcualte total reaction force in a plane in ABAQUS

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Dear all,

This is my first post in iMechanica forum.

I am trying to some simulation of cantilever beam bending in abaqus. Since the aspect ratio is pretty low (height/diameter~=2), I use 3D solid element instead of 2D beam element to construct the beam. I set the deflection at the free-end as the boundary condition, and try to solve the reaction force (perpendicular to the beam longitudinal axis). But I get in trouble to calculate the total reaction force at the free-end.

I know abaqus can do some operations on existing output data. I tried to sum the reaction forces of all nodes in the free-end plane, but the result did not agree with the Timoshenko beam equation.

If anyone can give some suggestions, that would be great.

Thanks in advance.

Ping Du

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There could be hundreds of reasons why you are not getting the correct answer.

At first check if you are properly recovering the total reaction force: just load the beam model at the end using a vertical force instead of using a prescribed deflection and recover the total reaction.  


A Coupling Constraint couples the motion of a surface to the motion of a single point, which is the reference point. Clamp the reference point. The reaction is all concentrated at the reference point. 


I have the same problem,do you understand what to do?

Are you sure that you have a sufficiently refined mesh; i.e., you're getting converged solution? Also note that Timoshenko beam theory is for thick beams, but that doesn't mean you can use it to solve a solid section (e.g. cube that can also be said a beam with aspect ratio = 1). So check your problem parameters and make sure you are satisfying tenoshenko beam theory assumptions (to a reasonable extent).


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it doesnt appear reaction force at free-end you should calculate fixed end

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