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Looking for PhD Position

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I am looking for PhD at a reputed university in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in areas of specialization such as
1.Design and Manufacturing (Specialty: Adaptive Aircraft Design, Experimental Methods, FEA, Low Reynolds Number Aerodynamics)
2.Energy (Biofuels, Fuel Cells, Nuclear Engineering)
3.Vehicle Dynamics (Automobile Safety, Automotive Powertrains, Impact & Crash-Worthiness, Rotor Dynamics)

4.Thermofluid Systems (Combustion Dynamics,IC Engines, Computational/Fluid Dynamics) 

I am Sri Harsha , currently in my final year of undergraduate study Mechanical Engineering (with Industrial & Production Engineering as Minor) from the Koneru Lakshmaiah College of Engineering ( located in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh in India. I will complete my UG in May 2012.
I am interested in pursuing graduate study, preferably direct-PhD if possible and an eventual research career in academia.
My GRE score is 308/340. (from 1250-1280 as per the old scale). TOEFL score is 96/120.

As my undergraduate education in mechanical engineering is generalized and not in any specialization, I have good grasp of basics and I have the desire and motivation to learn more. Hence, I am ready to work in any of the above areas.

I have worked as an research assistant in two major government sponsored research projects in the area of growth and extraction methods of bio fuels from algae. I have also done independent research on vegetable oils as bio fuels. My final project involves the design of an innovative parallel robot for medical applications.

My past research work includes areas such as
1. Mechanics of composite materials (structural, simulation)
2. Bio fuels form vegetable oils and algae;
3.Crash analysis in LS DYNA, CFD analysis in FLUENT
4.Projects in the field of Solid Mechanics, Finite Element methods.
I also have knowledge of different software's such as Altair Hyperworks, Ansys, Pro-Engineer, Catia, LABVIEW. Also programming languages such as C,C++, Microsoft Visual Basic.

Because of my good grasp in those areas , and also the projects done with my experience as summer intern at one of the major Indian Automobile company "Mahindra & Mahindra Automotive Ltd (R & D Division)", I have gained considerable experience in first-hand research in NVH (Noise,Vibration,Harshness).

My two papers got published in international journals/conferences and 3 more are under review. I am also working on a project which deals with the dynamic behavior of lubricant with suspended nano-particles.

Please contact me in if you need any Details or References.

My Email : harshu dot tirumala AT gmail dot com.

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