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periodic boundary conditions

Dear all,

i have implemented the periodic boundary conditions in x-directon for my simple model. In the screed i see the moement of the body in x direction. I think it is not correct. Should be additional boundary conditions be applied? Whichones?

Best regards



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You should also at least constrained one node in the x-direction to remove the rigid body motion. The conditions come from defining the macro fields as the average of the micro fields. If you want more details, please refer to my paper Yu, W. and Tang, T.: "Variational Asymptotic Method for Unit Cell Homogenization
of Periodically Heterogeneous Materials," International Journal of Solids and
, vol. 44, 2007, pp. 3738-3755. (pdf) and the companion code VAMUCH .

Dear Wenbin Yu,

Thank you very much for reply, I also constraint the one point in all three directions, but the body is also moves a s a whole, maybe i can send you my input file. I wonder, if i put EnCastre on one point it should not move, but it moves.....

best regards


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