Call for abstracts: “Computational Modeling of Damage and Fracture in Solids”, SES 2012, Atlanta GA

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As part of the 49th Annual Technical meeting of the Society of Engineering Science   (SES 2012) to be held in Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA, on 10-12 of October , 2012, it is our pleasure to invite you to submit an abstract to the Symposium “Computational Modeling of Damage and Fracture in Solids”.

The main objective is to bring together researchers and engineers from academia and industry to present and discuss recent advances in the computational modeling of fracture and damage in solids and structures across the scales. Emphasis will be placed on the current challenges faced by current approaches such as cohesive interface elements, XFEM, damage models, and particle methods, as well as the proposed strategies to overcome them. Contributions on applications of modeling of fracture and damage to understand complex multi-scale and multi-physics phenomena are also welcomed.

We would like to invite you, or someone in your group, to submit an abstract.  The deadline for the on-line submission April 2, 2012. For more information you can visit the meeting web site

If you have any question or need any information do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to seeing you at SES in October!


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Julian J. Rimoli, Georgia Tech

Pablo Zavattieri, Purdue University