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Member American Academy of Mechanics

Visitor, M.I.T.-Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.C. Berkeley, Stanford University, Cambridge University, Caltech, California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo, University of Virginia, Virginia Tech

Cited in widely recommended (as main reference) textbooks on Physics, Statics, Dynamics, Engineering Vibration



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keyword, mech, vib, phys.

Toda guerra comporta dolor, si estamos facultados para evitarla mejor embarcarnos en la nave del desarrollo de la ciencia básica*********************

please, in the link  to read the two documents involving Solar escape velocity from earth and recoil kinetic energy


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Solar escape velocity from earth

Solar escape velocity from earth surface, 16.6 km/s.

Solar escape velocity from a parking orbit at 2.26 radii earth altitude,  13.8 km/s

Solar escape velocity from a space station at 2.26 radii earth altitude,  9.42 km/s