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Investigating Stochastic Sensitivity to Solve Multidisciplinary Shape Optimization in Stamping, INRIA Sophia Antipolis, France


Stamping simulation, as are all the highly nonlinear mechanical
models, is ravenous in computational resources. Thus, when performing
shape or parameter optimization of a single or /a fortiori/ multiple
criteria related to the stamping process, one has to save as many as
possible computer evaluations of the solution fields, which prohibits a
naive use of classical zero-order algorithms beit deterministic or

From other part, first-order information may be not easily
available/computable, because of the complexity of the models and of the
industrial solvers. It has motivated us to study stochastic sensitivity
methods like as the simultaneous perturbation stochastic approximation.

Our aim is to investigate the ability of stochastic sensitivity to
efficiently contribute to multiple aspects of multidisciplinary shape
and parameter optimization for the stamping process.

Among these aspects are :
– the use of stochastic gradients to build first-order metamodels (like as the Liszka-Orkiz),
– the use of partial stochastic gradient approximation (applied e.g. to compute only a part of the shape sensitivity),
– to capture the Pareto Front in conjunction with methods like the NBI or the NNCM one.

The candidate’s work consists in leading a first study with known
mathematical explicit benchmarks, then apply the methodology to more
complex models such as the stamping process (in collaboration with a
Ph.D. student, which leads the evaluation of the solution fields by
means of an industrial solver).

Candidate’s Profile

A good skill in the fields of Theory and Algorithms in Optimization
and in Structural Mechanics, Shape Optimization or Geometric Modeling,
Stochastic Optimization, Scilab (optional: java, C++ )

Offer Details

Duration: 12 months
Monthly salary after taxes : around 2000 € (medical insurance included).
company restaurant
Location: Sophia Antipolis between Nice and Cannes on the French Riveira


Before applying, it is advised to contact the scientific advisor for
more information on the research project (his/her e-mail is
above-mentioned). You can also ask the HR contact for any administrative
or practical information.
In the interests of protecting its
scientific and technological assets, Inria is a restricted-access
establishment. Consequently, it follows special regulations for
welcoming any person who whishes to work with the institute. The final
acceptance of each candidate thus depends on applying this security and
defence procedure.

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