Postdoctoral Associate Opportunity in Materials and Devices for Power & Energy Applications: US Naval Research Laboratory

The Multifunctional Materials Branch of the Materials Science & Technology Division at the US Naval Research Laboratory in Washington DC has an interest in postdoctoral associate candidates for the areas of materials and devices for power and energy applications.

Areas of interest include developing new materials and devices for power/energy efficiency; thermal management; and energy scavenging, harvesting, conversion and storage. The design, synthesis and fabrication of microarchitectures and or metamaterial-type architectures is envisioned to achieve multifunctionality and unique capabilities. Classes of materials of interest include but are not limited to magnetic, piezoelectric, multiferroic, electronic, structural and thermal materials.

Candidates should have a doctorate in materials science, engineering, physics or chemistry with relevant experience in materials and/or device design, synthesis and fabrication, good writing and good communications skills. Experience with energy transduction is desirable. Experience with magnetic materials is desirable.

US Citizenship or US Permanent Residence status is required for postdoctoral positions at NRL.

Resume and CV should be submitted to:

Dr. Peter Matic

Dr. Ronald Holtz