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CISM Short Course on Structure-Preserving Integrators

I would like to bring to your attention the CISM course "Structure-Preserving Integrators in Nonlinear Structural Dynamics and Flexible Multibody Dynamics", which is going to take place in Udine, Italy, October 7-11, 2013.

This CISM summer school is aimed at doctoral students and research scientists who are interested in deepening their knowledge of state-of-the-art numerical methods for nonlinear structural and multibody dynamics. In particular, the focus of the course is on modern computer methods that preserve key structural properties of the underlying mechanical system. In comparison to more standard methods structure-preserving schemes typically lead to enhanced performance and possess superior numerical stability.

Lecturers: Martin Arnold (Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg, Germany), Peter Betsch (University of Siegen, Germany), Alberto Cardona  (Universidad Nacional del Litoral-Conicet, Santa Fe, Argentina) , Johannes Gerstmayr (Austrian Center of Competence in Mechatronics), Adrian Lew (Stanford University), Ignacio Romero (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid). 

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