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Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica, Vol 25 issue 5 online now

Dear colleague,    

The fifth issue in 2012 (Volume 25, Issue 5) of Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica (AMSS) is now online.   

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Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica (AMSS) is devoted to publication of papers in English in all fields of solid-state mechanics and its related disciplines in science, technology, and engineering, with a balanced coverage on analytical, experimental, numerical and applied investigations. This journal has been indexed by SCI since 1995. 

Article TypesResearch Articles, Letters, Discussion, Reviews  

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Vol. 25  No. 5  2012


Viscoelasticity and poroelasticity in elastomeric gels

Authors: Yuhang Hu, Zhigang Suo

A finite element method for dielectric elastomer transducers

Authors: Shaoxing Qu, Zhigang Suo

On the mechanics of integrin clustering during cell-substrate adhesion

Authors: Hongyan Yuan, Huajian Gao

Advances in experimental approaches for investigating cell aggregate mechanics

Authors: Wenjun Zhang, Shuqi Wang, Min Lin, Yulong Han, Guiping Zhao, Tian Jian Lu, Feng Xu

Biomechanical modeling of surface wrinkling of soft tissues with growth-dependent mechanical properties

Authors: Yanping Cao, Yi Jiang, Bo Li, Xiqiao Feng

Biaxial loading of neo-classical liquid crystal elastomers: constitutive relations and soft behavior

Authors: Hao Huang, Zhi Zeng, Yongzhong Huo

Modified szabo's wave equation for arbitrarily frequency-dependent viscous dissipation in soft matter with applications to 3D ultrasonic imaging

Authors: Xiaodi Zhang, Wen Chen, Chuanzeng Zhang

A theoretical model for thermal-sensitive microgel with pnipam core and elastic shell

Authors: Zhen Wu, Zheng Zhong

Waves in pre-stretched incompressible soft electroactive cylinders: exact solution

Authors: Weiqiu Chen, Huihui Dai

Rate dependent stress-stretch relation of dielectric elastomers subjected to pure shear like loading and electric field 

Authors: Shaoxing Qu, Ke Li, Tiefeng Li, Hanqing Jiang, Miao Wang, Zhenhua Li

Surface instability of a swollen cylinder hydrogel

Authors: Zhiping Xiao, Meie Li, Jinxiong Zhou


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