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Finite element methods

Open Source CFD and Coupled Codes

Microstructural evolution




Linear/Nonlinear Algebraic Solvers 

Ordinary Differential Equation Solvers 

Partial Differential Equation Solvers 


  • Codes for miscellaneous applications -- for rotations, Mohr's circles, visualization, elastic constants calculation etc; via .
  • Some pointers to fast solvers
  • GNU Scientific library -- A collection of C/C++ library for a range of numerical tasks, and is a must-visit site for anybody who is even remotely interested in using computers for scientific calculations
  • UbuntuScience -- A comprehensive collection of software that can be run on Linux
  • NIST software page -- Among other things, the software listed include those for the study of multizone airflow, structure and properties of cement based materials, scientific visualization, statistical analysis, non-linear modelling, a guide to the available mathematical software (cross-indexed),  and smoke plume modelling.
  • FFTW   -- a C subroutine library for  discrete Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT); benchmarked and portable, a choice program for FFTs

Here are some links to open source codes/software available on the net; all this information is collected from different posts at iMechanica. It is quite possible that we missed some, and some that are listed are not open source. If so, please feel free to edit the post or leave a comment with relevant links so that we can edit the post.

If you write a post or comment about some codes/software or if you notice one while you are reading the posts at iMechanica, please leave a note in the comments or include the information in the listing below.

If you have some code you would like to share with mechanicians, write a post in your blog and leave a comment here, so that we can update the repository database. 

We believe, over a period, we might be able to build a very authorotative and useful repository of codes here, so that this post becomes a one-stop shop for any of your code needs.