One Ph.D. position in computational materials science at the University of Manitoba

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One Ph.D. position is now available for September 2013 or January 2014 on computational materials sciene in the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at the Unviersity of Manitoba. The potential student will work on the mechanical properties in nanoglass and crystalline/amorphous composites. Students with strong interests in atomistic simulations (MD, ab inito, monte carlo, etc.) and good programming skills (C, Fortran, etc.) are encouraged to apply. International applicants please convert your GPA of last 60 credits (normally your MSc and part of your BSc) to a 4.5 scale according to the following guidelines: 


Intrested students please send a copy of your official transcript and CV and inquires to Prof. Deng at More details about the research group and position can be found at: 

But the last date was 22nd Feb isn't?

Prakhar Gupta
Final year Mechanical Engineering
Dayalbagh Educational Institute