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Spectral Finite Elements

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Hi all!

I just strated using Spectral FE technique for wave propagation applications. I am looking for some example code (for bar/beam or any geometry). If anybody has, I request them to kindly send me.

Thanks in advance.

- R, Chennamsetti


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An excellent source on spectral finite elements (includes code) is the recent book by Pozrikidis: Introduction to Finite and Spectral Element Methods using MATLAB (snippets from the chapters). The style and content is aligned with that of a textbook and not a research monograph. It provides a very nice transition from finite elements to spectral. One should get a good grasp on the theory/properties of spectral (modal/nodal) bases, and the author has filled in the many gaps so as to make the book self-contained.  A must read for anyone interested in higher-order finite elements.

ramdas chennamsetti's picture

R. Chennamsetti, Scientist, India

Thank you.


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