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Ellipsoidal Domain with Piecewise Nonuniform Eigenstrain Field in One of Joined Isotropic Half-Spaces

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 [img_assist|nid=15151|title=Ellipsoidal inclusion and its mirror image in two joined semi-infinite solids|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=267|height=326]Abstract Consider an arbitrarily oriented ellipsoidal domain near the interface of an isotropic bimaterial space. It is assumed that a general class of piecewise nonuniform dilatational eigenstrain field is distributed within the ellipsoidal domain. We state and prove two theorems relevant to prediction of the nature of the induced displacement field for the interior and exterior points of the ellipsoidal domain. As a resultant the exact analytical expression of the elastic fields are obtained rigorously. In this work, we introduce a new Eshelby-like tensor, denoted by A. In particular, the closed-form expressions for A associated with the interior points of spherical and cylindrical inclusion are derived. The stress field is presented for a single ellipsoidal inclusion which undergoes a Gaussian distribution of eigenstrain field and one of the principal axes of the domain is perpendicular to the interface. For the limiting case of spherical inclusion the closed-form solution is obtained and the associated strain energy is discussed. For further demonstration, we provide two examples of two concentric spheres and three concentric cylinders with eigenstrain field distributions which are descriptive of the general class of functions defined in this paper. The effect of some parameters such as distance between the inclusion and the interface, and the ratio of the shear moduli of the two media on the induced elastic fields are examined.  

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