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International Conference on Fatigue Damage of Structural Materials X

Call for Papers - deadline 13 December 2013

Submit your abstract here: 

We welcome poster and abstract submissions on the
following topics:

   Structural metals and alloys pertinent to the aerospace, marine,
off-shore, power generation and land based transportation industries

   Novel experimental methods to characterise fatigue damage and
crack growth

   Overload/underload, arbitrary loading sequences, service
spectrum loads, combined HCF/LCF

   Residual stress effects on fatigue damage and crack growth,
measurement of internal stresses

   Extreme environments, including the effects of corrosion,
oxidation, abrasion, elevated or cryogenic temperatures

   Innovative theoretical approaches, computational and analytical

   Life prediction methodologies for structural metals and alloys

   Fatigue mechanisms in advanced alloys and metallic systems

Micro-structurally short cracks

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