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Overhead Electrical Conductors

I just discovered (thanks to Dr K.O. Papailiou) this interesting 2007 paper on helical strand mechanical modelling. It is an up-to-date (and apparently quite exhaustive, except for non-English language contributions) review on the subject by T. Manvel Raj and N.S. Parthasarathy, of India. Its title: “A Complete Review on Friction Models of Composite Cables”. It was published in a Russian Academy of Applied Mechanics and Sciences journal, the International Journal of Mechanics of Composite Materials and Constructions, Vol. 13, No 3, pp. 356-384. Here is the Abstract:

This paper presents a detailed review of all the existing mathematical models irrespective of their field of application to accomodate the more complex situations like friction and damping effects in multi-layered stranded cables under different load conditions like tension, torsion and bending. The various existing models for predicting the mechanical behavior of helical strands; cables, ACSR conductors, etc. have been critically evaluated, together with the corresponding experimental data when available. Particularly, this work is meant for the future researches in stranded cables. This review contains 291 references.

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