Using LSDYNA to model Fluid Structure Interaction

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Hi all

I want to use LSDYNA to model a detonation process involving fluid structure interaction. A solid structure is embeded in a viscous fluid media. Due to symmetry of the model, a quarter of the model is analysed. So my question is 

1) How to model the symmetric condition in the Euler element domain? since the Euler meshes is fixed, it seems applying constraint on the nodes in the symmetric plane is meaningless.

2) How to model the infinite boudanry condition in the free surface of the fluid Euler domain?




Modeling FSI with LS-DYNA

The FSI Module in eta/VPG builds full, half, quarter and octant eulerian meshes with appropriate boundary conditions automatically. The eulerian mesh dimensions are described with a few parameters and generated by the tool. It can build 2 or 3 fluid zones including a zone containing the charge. There are several common charge geometry options. The keywords for accomplishing the eulerian lagrangian coupling and ALE material definition are supported in the preprocessor.

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Modeling FSI with LS-DYNA

The following website should help