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Determination of stress intensity factor of FGM materials

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It is important to note that the determination of Stress intensity Factors lead to major problem for researchers, some of them have proposed an analytical method based on linear fracture mechanic by using the theorem de Giffth and also Paris, other have proposed numerical method using finite elememt analysis codes such as Ansys or Abaqus, other researcher have used experimental method.
  However, these methods still need an improvement for given accurate results.
How to develop an analytical method and adopted to FGM structure.
as you know in the case of FGM beam ,Young's  modulus vary along the thikness of beam


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Dear Adjal


I think that the problem that you describe is very well tackled in this paper:

Especially in section 2.3.3


Best regards,


Emilio Martínez Pañeda

SIMUMECAMAT Research Group

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Dear Emilio Matrtinez 

I would to thank you for take my subject in cosideration; First I have to read the considered paper and I will tell you if I will find that similar to my search project

Best regards 


If that dosn't boether you, I will contact you via your email 


Dear Adjal

I thnik some papers of my supervisour prof. Ehsan Barati can be useful for your project.

A numerical method for e valuation of J-integral i n plates made offunctionally graded materials with sharp a nd blunt V -notches.  Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials & Structures journal.

V-notches under mode I l oading using t he averaged strain-energy Fracture analysis of functionally graded materials with U- and density criterion; Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials & Structures journal.


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